Friday, October 06, 2006

1973-2006: Myth Busters

Thirty-three years anniversary of the October 1973 war! The Egyptian Army crosses the Barlev Line. Many would come and say that it was not a victory, but that is not the point. The outcome is that Sinai is Egyptian and Arab today.
Thirty-three years ago, young Egyptian heroes crossed the Suez Canal to claim back what is rightfully theirs. [Check this website on Yom-Kippur]

Does the Canal qualify as part of the Red Sea? No matter what, the Egyptians did not need Moses to part the sea to get to the other side. They were not fleeing the Pharos; they took justice into their hands. They planned, they implemented, and they succeeded. They were the myth busters. Israel is not invincible, and contrary to what is believed, you do not need to destroy Israel, you just need to shake it hard enough to get what you want.

Back then, Arabs proved that Israel is not “invincible,” and that force, will, and good planning do pay back. This year, Lebanon proved the same.

Was Lebanon – through its resistance– victorious? One can debate this forever. I find it difficult to answer this question myself because HA was involved. Nonetheless, I still do believe our tiny little country should be proud that a bunch of its young men busted the myth again.

With one slight difference, the Egyptian Army undertook the assignment. Next time we need to defend our land and reclaim our rights, it should be the Lebanese Army supported by a government-controlled resistance, under a
National Defense Plan.

I bow in respect to all the young men who sacrificed their life in 1973 for Egyptian and Arab land and honor. I also bow to all the resistance men and women in Lebanon: those who died for their cause, and those who lived (and will live) for it: A 10452 km2 free, independent, and sovereign country – Liberated of all foreign occupation – whether Israeli or Syrian.


  1. The Egyptians did not claim their land back by force. They negotiated it back through a deal. Abdelnaser was a total failure, and Sadat was the one who was capable of putting it back together again, because he was more intelligent, and not all talk and "slogans" and "arabian pride" themesongs.

    He learned the hard way, and it's about time we learn too.

    Enough Arabism crap. Let's think Lebanese and be Lebanese for once instead of everything but!

  2. A most disagreeable post. Fighting for land and pride! WTF! The Sinai desert! What a stupid thing to piss away lives for.

    As for Lebanese occupation by foreigners, you live with Hezbolleh. Congratulations! ...

    I notice that Gilad Shalit, Ehud Goldwasser, and Elad Regev are still held by Lebanese terrorists. A point of interminal disgrace to all Lebanese, and a source of shame upon you all.

    The Egyptian military did not sacrfice their lives, their lives where pissed away for them by their ignorant leaders.

    As for me, I don't bow to terrorists, but I will respectfully bow for the Egyptian soldiers who fell because of the blood stained hands of prideful, ignorant leaders.

    Soldiers do as they are told, let us be careful what we allow our leaders to tell them (not lost on me), and never put place humbris on so tragic an event!

  3. Anonymous, Crap is something which you know better than I do. Do not use such terminology on this blog. Having said that, you are entitled to the rest of your opinion.

    To clarify - I support any people's struggle against occupation and bullying, be it in Vietnam, Palestine,South Africa, Armenia, East Timor, Banda Atcheh Province, Tibet, Ireland, Bask, and the fact that New Mexico, Texas, Colorado and California should be under Mexican rule. (how do you like that Emory?).

    I am proudly a Lebanese and I am also Arab - if you care to know. Nonetheless, If you read and think faster than you speak, you would at least have realized that I was drawing a comparison, and making a conclusion that falls right into Lebanese Only path.

    Emory. for someone who is a neo-con pro-zionist redneck who would "turn a blind eye" to israeli committed genocide and war crimes, but still find the time to express concern about two bloody-handed soldiers, You fell a little short of calling Arabs and Egyptians sand-niggers who piss their lives for a piece of sand! Say that to the Israelis who came all the way from Poland and Ethiopia to kill Palestinians and to "piss their lives for the sake of a wailing wall" - do you dare?

    For someone who descends of native killing - nature destroying cowbodys,you should be more careful. Your ancestors barely made it to Table mountain 100 years ago after treading on the corpse of Native Americans - No wonder you missed the point of this post - When we talk of pride,honour, land and love of country, obviously, you are not part of the conversation in any way. You have a lot to learn.

    Careful at what you say.

    I repeat, any more profanity and you're out - even if you write a Psalm which contains a letter combination of WTF or piss.

  4. loved the post and your answers to the comments :)
    and if saini was a handful of sand unworthy of loosing lives for, then why did the isrealis occupy it from the first place

    WHAT HA did is even viewed as a bigger accomplishemnt here in egypt, we had an army equiped and trained and took 6 years to get ready for their war,the HA fighters are a resistance group with nothing compared to what the mighty isreali war machine had and yet they were able to stand up to IDF pretty well with the lebs getting over their differences and standing up strong behind the resistance(tel3eto ged3an sa7ee7 :)
    and if the rest of our land returned by peace negotians(rem that would have never happened without a military action forcing isreal to sit to the table and give back a land they took) and a guy like sadat lost his life for a worthy cause trying to bring peace to that wretched middle east,isreal now makes it all look like it was for nothing with a sense of guilt of having our land back(something we should be proud of) the genocide in palestine and the recent war in lebnon doesn't really make us feel that proud
    isreal have succeeded in making peace looks like such a stupid idea ,smeared the life of sadat who lost his life for peace and made him look like a traitor
    isreal wants peace ,yeah right, not before they are draggad and forced to it

  5. Ouch! So much directed anger. Very combative! Why so?

    Ireland was seperated by the ballot. The Northern Ulster(childhood home)Counties remained with the Crown, the southern counties and Co. Donegal voted for self Rule. This is all "rule of law" stuff ... perhaps an alien idea in some parts of Lebanon.

    California and Texas where both independent Republics, hence the name Republic of California or Texas, whereas Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico where territories, and the rest are states, save for Hawaii which was a Kingdom. Texas won its independence in 1836 after The Battle of San Jacinto. She was not admitted into the American Union until 1945.

    "I am proudly a Lebanese and I am also Arab - if you care to know."

    I am British, and live in the United States (Pride is something I stay away from)- If you care to know. .... I am neither a neo-con, zionist or redneck. My politics are left of center domestically, and left of center in foreign relations. I was confirmed in the Catholic Church, grew up Anglican, and am very agreeable to Budhist teachings. Hardly zionist, would you agree! I also want a Palestinian State, and denounce the tactics of Israeli occupation. I have long hoped for for peace between Arab and Jew.

    "I support any people's struggle against occupation and bullying" .... but perhaps not the 6th century polytheists of Mecca and Medina.

    "For someone who descends of native killing - nature destroying cowbodys" My decendents are English, Irish and Scots. I did fall off the back of a Donkey at a fair when I was a child, so cowboys are not natural to my DNA strand.

    "You fell a little short of calling Arabs and Egyptians sand-niggers .." This is disgraceful, and says more about you, than any monicher you would attach to me. I will not dignify it further. You should be ashamed.

    "When we talk of pride,honour, land and love of country, obviously, you are not part of the conversation in any way. You have a lot to learn." .... Pride is destructive, Honor only the honorable and understand that difference. Love your country, not because of land, but because of its virtue.

    As always ... Yes I have a lot to learn, for there is much to be learned.

    Have a great weekend!

    PS. I shall be more formal in my speech, and apologize for my casualness.

  6. [emory]
    “ I was confirmed in the Catholic Church, grew up Anglican, and am very agreeable to Budhist teachings. Hardly zionist, would you agree!”

    No I wouldn’t agree. After a glance at your first post, I hardly believe you’re agreeable to Buddhist teachings. But you definitely support the Zionist cause, even though you’re not a Zionist, as you say. (Sure).

    The only combative yak and “directed anger” was yours and Fadi put you right.

    “.... Pride is destructive, Honor only the honorable and understand that difference. Love your country, not because of land, but because of its virtue.”

    What? You’re not filled with PRETENTIOUS pride? Obviously, you are. Fadi was talking about constructive pride, not the egotistical nonsense that you are about. After all, WHO ARE YOU to tell a Lebanese to love their country – what condescending bull. You make absolutely no sense when you talk about virtue and land. They both go hand in hand, among other things about Lebanon, but the land of Lebanon is truly amazing – and sadly it is RICH WITH THE BLOOD OF HER CHILDREN who have died in massacres planned by Israel. MASSACRES PRE-PLANNED FOR THE RICH RESOURCES AND LAND OF LEBANON. That’s not the fault of Lebanon. That’s the fault of the USA Government and Israel. Israel is lacking in water. It steals water (AMONG OTHER THINGS) from the West Bank Palestinians, and it steals water (AMONG OTHER THINGS) from Lebanon.

    So Israel has to shed the blood of thousands of innocents, young and old, to grab the water. What the hey, right? It’s all in a days work for Israel.

    I suggest you do something about your government. It pays Israel 5 billion plus a year. That’s your sweet tax dollars. A chunk of this money goes to butchering Palestinian and Lebanese children – their families, also. Without that money, Israel wouldn’t have the 3rd most powerful Military in the World – would it?

    (Pride is something I stay away from)

    That could be. To have pride and be proud can be a good thing (unlike too much pride) and perhaps you have no pride because you lack a certain amount of backbone. And because you lack backbone, you don’t know who has it and who doesn’t. For example:

    You don’t bow down to terrorists? Sure you do. You give your money to those Israeli coward “soldiers”. You should spend a month or two with them to see what cowardly crimes they commit on your dime.

    Actually, it is Hezbollah that does not bow down to terrorists; the IDF terrorists.

    The source of shame rests on YOUR shoulders. You’re living in a country filled with lies bred by your Government and media and you believe them. I can see why you have no pride. What do you have to be proud of?

    “This is disgraceful, and says more about you. You should be ashamed” - No Emory, YOU should be ashamed, as Fadi was reflecting back to you your ugly tone, and nothing more.

    Aw shucks. You long for Arab and Jew to live in peace and for Palestine to have a state. Awfully generous of you.

    Well how about this. The Arabs/Palestinian Christians and Muslims did live in peace with the Jews in Palestine – for centuries – until the Zionists started showing up from Europe in the early 1900s. That’s when the trouble started. You didn’t know that the REAL Jews were against Zionism and Zionists – even as far as back then, did you?

    Since then, the Zionists have been massacring Palestinians and Lebanese for decades. And they would have never had this great power to do so if it hadn’t been the billions coming from Europe and the USA.

    Your money is hard at work in Israel, my little Buddha. No, nothing to be proud of, and it doesn’t take a whole lot of meditation to realize this.

  7. Rhiannon,

    I hope your venting, and paranoia soon passes.

    Have a good weekend.


  8. What is the logic of the post? Is Fadi's opinion that following HA's "victory" Lebanon should now pursue peace with Israel like Sadat did? If then the post makes sense. In the end Egypt got back Sinai only through a peace process.

    So let's assume that Fadi is right and Israel's myth as invincible was busted. What is the next move that follows from this, 1) peace with Israel or 2) another war to try annihilating it?


  9. E -
    You're right, this post was an open ended article intentionally. Anyone knows that right after the 1973 war negotiations followed. A post will follow explaining my view. Still: Israel cannot be trusted – a truce comes first, then maybe a guarded peace.

  10. Emory, you're right. I am also against the annihilation of the polytheist peoples of Mecca and Madina, and of Monotheist peoples in Jerusalem, Jenine, Lebanon, and everywhere else your Israeli idols tread.

    I will refrain from a sharper responses because I know you read and had a very interesting comment on the post of Church's atrocities. Point taken, the forced conversions of the polytheists in the 6th century is a mistake even under Islam, as Qur'an says "La ikraha fil deen", that is - "there is no force in religion." Muslims should apologize for a mistake 1400 ago. Can the the Zionist brutes do the same for what is happening TODAY? Or do you suffer from selective historical allergies? Haven't heard you ask for justice be served for Lebanese, Palestinian, and Arab civilians since 1948. You tend to blame Hizbullah. Guess what, there was no Hizbullah in 1948, where was your conscience then? Vactioning??

    Your Islamophobia meets Arabophobia is evident. I have built this image of you over time. You have a certain negative view of Muslims and Arabs. Israelis are the enemy of Arabs and Muslims; hence, they are the good guys.

    There is nothing I can do about that. First, not all Arabs are Muslims; second, not all Muslims are Arabs. In the same sense, not all Arabs or Muslims are Bin Ladin, someone as smart as you are should be able to tell. You keep up your bigotry and invite harsh responses. I am surprised that for someone who can argue, you fail to write a post without making statements which reveal sheer ignorance. It's like wearing a white suit and smudging it with Cranberry Juice.

  11. Yehonatan, Tel Aviv4:03 am, October 09, 2006

    When I read that post, I remembered what a middle east expert once wrote: In the Arab culture there is no place for self criticism.

    The 1973 war was a humiliating defeat for the arabs. Although they had the advantage of surprise, they finished the war totally beaten. Israel conquered egyptian lands west to Sinai.

    why they think they won ?

    because unlike Israelis, thay have zero respect to human lives. So killing 2,200 israeli soldiers is a major achievement for them, even if they lost 15,000 soldiers, becuase they know their enemy values his soldiers' lives much more than they do.

  12. [Emory]
    "I hope your venting, and paranoia soon passes.
    Have a good weekend."

    What a coincidence! I was going to say the very same thing to YOU after reading YOUR posts. Only I would have added the word - ARROGANCE - as well.

    But then I realized, my little "Buddha", that you could use a little enlightening - new info for you to meditate upon.

    Maybe you can be a good little "enigmatical" human, and tail it over to the Southern Border of Lebanon and help the other people there pick up all those deadly cluster bombs.

    Seeing that your "glory boys" in "uniform" had all these expensive bombs (made to look like a toy as they have a pretty blue ribbon attached to each one) - they decided to throw hundreds of thousands of these toys (cluster bombs) all over South Lebanon.

    They committed this barbaric act (one of so many barbaric acts) on its last days of bombing Lebanon until August 14.

    Since then, MORE lives have been lost, so have arms, legs, and eyes of the injured.

    Now you have yourself a great day.

  13. Israel does not conquer.

    Israel murders, massacres, and then steals.

    That is all that Israel has ever done in all of the years of its very sad, violent, and pathetic existence.

    Well with the 100 billion plus dollars that the USA (that's the USA ALONE) gives to Israel since its so-called "birth" - well one has to wonder why Israel would lose any war, if that's what you want to call it.

    Illegal invasions into foreign territory are by far more like what Israel does.

    Israel has respect for human lives? Gee, since when?


    That wasn't a very funny joke.

    I suggest you buy a new joke book and get yourself some CLASS as well.

  14. Rhiannon,
    One mans conquering is another man's steal. If you win the war you say you conquered, if you lose you say the land was stolen. Who cares what you call it. The end result is what matters and the fact of the matter is that by war Israel has gained land and the Arabs lost it.
    Converesely, through peace deals, the Arabs gained land and Israel lost it. Isn't it funny then that the Arabs think peace is bad for them?
    Israel started receiving money from the US only after the 67 war. In 56 the US FORCED Israel to retreat from the Sinai. Check it out. Meanwhile the Arabs have been getting money from oil all along.

    How can a few million Jews keep the Arab states at bay for so many years while building a high tech economy? Mostly because for Jews, Israel is a true democracy that develops its human captial and lets it flourish.

    Answer me truthfully, how would the Arab world look if the Arab states treated their citizens like Israel treats its Jews? The Arabs would not be in the sorry state they are. As for being in a state of war with Israel this is not an excuse. How could Israel be democratic for the Jews and also be at war? Is this something special that Jews can do and Arabs can't? I don't think so. Why don't you tell me what the problem is, and don't say Israel for a change.


  15. Rhiannon,

    As you graphically describe, the results of the last and any war for that matter are horrendous. The cluster bombs are a good example of this.

    For me the the conclusion is that peace is the solution. Why do you think complaining about Israel is going to lead anywhere? Let's say you prove Israel is bad and should have fought the war some other way. Let's assume you are absolutely 100% right. Why would anyone care? The Arabs used chemical weapons on the Kurds and in Yemen, they used suicide bombers and internally have murdered tens of thousand (20,000 in Hama by Asad himself).

    The world looks at all this and says: It is just two criminals, Israel and the Arabs fighting. Let them kill each other. Why should we care?

    Israel fights dirty and will continue to fight dirty and the truth is that nobody is going to stop it especially post 9/11. Life sucks.

    There are only two ways to stop the bloodshed: 1) One side annihilates the other. 2) There is a peace agreement. A long term truce is BS. It just means one side waits for the opportunity to implement solution 1 and this means the continuation of war. Israel is not stupid.

    Peace doesn't mean liking each other but it does mean solving all problems without violence. A good example is how Egypt got Taba. You can continue hating Israelis, just agree not to shot at them ever.

    So what do you chose? Peace between Lebanon and Israel or war? There is no other choice and making no choice means war as we learned this summer. Sucks doesn't it?


  16. @ Fadi - It is not my intention to be Islamophobic, of Arabophobic and I am concerned that your observation of me has led you to this view. Rightly or wrongly your observation leaves me perplexed and wondering if I do come across as having these unwanted tendencies. I would ask you to read my comments as benign thoughts, and not those of animosity or antagonism. I would also ask you to teach me, when I display these tendencies.

    I did support Israel in their war against HA. (I beleive in the right of defense, and they where attacked) I do consider HA a terror organisation, aligned with Iran and Syria, and know these to sworn(flag burning) enemies of US.

    These beliefs did put me at odds with some bloggers, but I was always respectful in my disention. I do not, and have not ever considered Lebanon and the Lebonese people as "bad people." I do not consider the Islam practiced by the majority of Moslems to be bad either. I do consider Islamic fudementalism as aborantly evil however.


    @ Rhiannon - I consider you to be too shrill to have a serious conversation with. I do genuinely wish you a great week.


    @e,- You have made some very good points, and I would concur with all of them.


    Has anyone considered the real defeat of the Eqyptian army was due to lack of water! The initial clash was met with resistance that was soon overcome. A huge part of the defeat in the Sinai was the battleground itself. Troops could not be supplied, and many withered from lack of water.

    It is part of military history that repeated over and over again. Whether it was Napolean caught in a Russian winter, or Nasser's Armies wither in a dersert! No big myth needing to be busted about that.

    Israel: 415,000 troops; 1,500 tanks, 3,000 armored carriers; 945 artillery units 100 mm and up; 561 airplanes, 84 helicopters; 38 warships.

    Egypt: 800,000 troops (300,000 deployed); 2,400 tanks, 2,400 armored carriers; 1,120 artillery units 100 mm and up; 690 airplanes, 161 helicopters; 104 warships

    Syria: 150,000 troops (60,000 deployed); 1,400 tanks, 800-900 armored carriers; 600 artillery units 100 mm and up; 350 airplanes, 36 helicopters; 21 warships

    Iraq: 60,000 troops, 700 tanks, 500 armored carriers, 200 artillery units, 73 airplanes)[1]
    see also Other participants

    Casualties Israel
    2,656 killed
    7,250 wounded
    400 tanks destroyed
    600 damaged/returned to service
    102 planes shot down

    Est; Casualties Egypt/Syria/Iraq
    15,000 dead
    35,000 wounded
    2,250 tanks destroyed or captured
    432 planes destroyed

    I think Nasser wanted to "push the Jews into the Sea" and deployed an Army that could not be supported and supplied in that terrain, with those numbers. They may not have needed Moses to part the Sea for them, but they did need the heavens to rain!

  17. More Jokes. Thanks e, but they are not funny.

    Here's one of your "jokes":

    Democracy? Israel? How did you manage to put those two words together in one sentence?

    Now that's what I call a sick little magic trick.

    I certainly couldn't accomplish that sick trick and I wouldn't want to either.

    Here's a bloody shopping list of Israel's so-called "Democracy":

    (see? I had to put "so-called" and quotation marks to staunch the nausea in my stomach as they are indeed on the same line)


    • Disregarding international law by occupying other people's land through military force.

    • Refusing to comply with hundreds of UN resolutions.

    • Racism against Arab Israelis.

    • Killing 13 Arab Israelis within a few days, just because there were marches and demonstration in Israel.

    • Racism against Black Jews (Flasha). Forcing them to seek medical treatment in separate hospitals; rejecting their blood donations; Housing them in the poorest areas in Israel and never assigning them a key position in the government.

    • All political parties in Israel are either based on religious and/or ethnic bases and lack a political base except one or two parties. Like Shas, Russian Jews party, Arabs party and others.

    • Minority governments, which are always not able to act, must reach to compensation from the other coalition parties.

    • The assassination of Prime Minister Rabin by his own people.

    • Transplanting thousands of settlers into the occupied lands of the West Bank and Gaza Strip while their arms are killing Palestinians and confiscating there lands and homes.

    • Legalization of the use of torture against Palestinian detainees.

    • Implementation of illegal detention for years without fair trial or without bringing charges.

    • The demolition of Palestinian homes by hundreds and not granting building permits.

    * Shooting (by IDF soldiers) Palestinian children walking to school, while in school, and walking home to school.

    * IDF allowing vicious punk gangs of "jewish" settlers to taunt, punch, hit, kick, and beat Palestinian children and/or their parents and grandparents.

    * Stealing water from the West Bank Palestinians and the continuous ILLEGAL building of "jewish" settlements.


    What? Can't those spoiled and hateful little "jewish" brats stay on their beautifully manicured lawns or go for a dip in their built in backyard swimming pools?

    Why insult the poor American taxpayers by not enjoying their great gifts of a great big homes and other delights?

    Why do these kids saunter into the Gaza and West Bank Ghettos to make more misery for a people whose land they have stolen?


    * The apartheid wall built in the West Bank courtesy of Apartheid -oops! so- called "democratic" Israel. This wall furthers to suffocate and destroy any decent semblance of health and well being, economy, and education for the young ones.

    * The prisoners in your dungeons amount to 10,000 men, women, and children. They are ILLEGALLY held and no charges are filed or what courts they go through are a sham.

    Why are newborn babies handcuffed after the women in your dungeons have given birth?

    Did they come out of the birth canal with a bomb?

    Why are you torturing children as young as 11 years of age?

    One of your favourite tortures is to bind a childs hands and legs, put earphones on him and blast heavy metal or rap music into his head for hours on end.

    These are just one of the ways that you keep these kids from sleeping.

    Why do these children in your dungeons have such a high incidence of gall stones and kidney stones?

    You hardly give them water to drink, besides the lousy diet of glop you offer.


    Okay, so you conclude that peace is the solution.


    I commend you on your originality.

    Oh wait a minute - hey- just like the LAND YOU STOLE - NOT conquered - you lifted "peace" from a John Lennon tune didn't you?

    Give peace a chance, huh?

    Guess you're not so original after all.

  18. Do not play games about Israel receiving money since only '67.

    "Israel" would have never existed without funds and weaponry from Europe and the USA. How do you think the WZO got its money?

    Where did the zionists get the money to buy up land on Palestine in all of the early 1900s?

    Where did the zionists get the money to ship their zionist ilk to Palestine from Europe?

    They needed to build a great powerful army against the Arabs in order to commit their massacres prior to '48 and after.

    Where did they get all the money for all that weaponry? Who shipped to them?


    The USA was most definitely involved with the beginnings of "israel", whether they care to acknowledge it or not, or whether they know about it or not.

    JFK in 1958 made a big speech about "israel" and how the USA will support "israel", and give to "israel" whatever the USA can give in that support.

    I'm sure he didn't mean just words. He was talking about money and weapons. You don't know the history.

    e - "Israel fights dirty and will continue to fight dirty and the truth is that nobody is going to stop it especially post 9/11. Life sucks."

    But Of course, "Israel" will do what it must to push Arabs into the sea. That was "Israel's" intention all along.

    So what is with the stupid question about peace between Israel and Lebanon, as Israel was trying to push the Lebanese into the sea?

    I mean bomb the living soul out of the Lebanese - but same idea - understand?

    Does "Israel" care about the 700+ children it murdered in one month in Lebanon? Hardly.

    Yet "Israel" shrieks with high shrill outbursts:

    "what about the suicide bombers?"


    Too bad, "Israel", life sucks.

    Too bad, "Israel", the truth sucks.


    Nobody in this world has a better weapon than "Israel" has, and that is not its nuclear program or other storages of WMD.

    Can you guess?

    The North American Media.

    Good old 9/11. That was your ace in the whole wasn't it?

    What did Netanyahu say and how did he respond shortly after 9/11?

    The guy was elated. But he sobered right away after he said "well this is good for "Israel"!

    Then he quickly said, of course its bad, but I mean it is good for Israel from a sympathy point of view.

    What happened to Jenin and Ramallah after 9/11?

    While the world was preoccupied with 9/11 "Israel" sent its army to pummel the Palestinians - more bloodshed and massacres - after all, the world was looking away.

    Another great ploy of cowardly "israel".

    What did Benny Morris say?

    He said the Zionists made a big mistake, for while the world was busy with WW2, that was the chance for the Zionists to get rid of all the Palestinians-then perhaps they wouldn't have the 'problems" they have today in "Israel".

    The "great" Israeli/zionist mind at work.


    What happened in North America when Lebanon was brutally massacred by Israel?

    The Media didn't cover much. They did as little as possible to show the reality of the brutality of "Israel". In fact, the media was grabbing for any other stupid headline to divert the public's attention away from Lebanon.

    Especially after the ceasefire, while the Lebanese were burying the dead mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, and so on.

    Yes. Where would "Israel" be with its greatest weapon of all:

    The North American Media.

    Some "war". Such "bravery".

    Take the media away, and what would "israel" really be? Then how would it fight its "wars".

    I meant to say: Then how would it go about its ILLEGAL INVASIONS of foreign territory.

  19. Why are YOU complaining about ME complaining about "israel"?

    All you Zionists ask the very same questions.

    Who just threw over 200,000 cluster bombs in another country?


    No, I will never leave "israel" out of the equation because it can't be done. Impossible. Your beloved "israel' is the whole root of the hatred breeding in the M.E. as well as the hateful poisoning of minds of the N.A. public.

    No, "israel" stays as a huge part of the problem. Too bad. The truth sucks.

    The Arabs used chemical weapons on the Kurds? Why do you care so much about the Kurds and not the Palestinians and Lebanese?

    Are you trying to deflect attention away from the heinous crimes of israel? Your "concern" is quite abominal, as well as deceitful, therefore null and void.

    No "israel" is not stupid, never said that and this was pointless to bring up.

    As for annihilation, it is clear that "israel" wants to annihilate its Arab neighbors.

    Sure it has peaceful borders with Egypt and Jordan. Only because the USA send these two countries 1.5 billion each per year. Just another strategy to keep them pacified while "israel" commits more of its war crimes.

    I know, the truth sucks.

    I said this before and I will say it again. Peace begins with Israel. The decent Jewish people in that state must dismantle its racist government. It begins with the Jewish people in that country who do not like what they know is going on about their country.

    That's the only way peace will begin. And yes, N.A. needs to wake up too.

  20. Rhiannon,

    If you think Israel is trying to annihilate its neighbors and that we handcuff new born babies then I totally support your conclusion that Israel must go or change drastically. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to convince you that you are just wrong. You logic is impeccable but you are starting from faulty premises.
    Look at the following argument:
    P1) Pigs can fly
    P2) Babe is a pig
    Conclusion - Babe can fly
    The argument is valid according to the rules of logic but the argument is not sound because the first premise is not true.

    This is the situation we are in. You are logical, I am logical, we just don't agree about the premises.

    Let’s look at just one point: Israel is trying to annihilate its neighbors. Many very smart people with an in depth knowledge of Israel don’t believe this. No European or US government has ever believed it. Why would Israel return all of Sinai to Egypt in a peace deal if the real aim was to annihilate the Egyptians? Israel has freedom of press and any journalist may come and interview the Israelis on the street. Journalists from many countires have consistently found that most Israelis want a peaceful solution to the conflict and not to annihilate their neighbors. Most Israelis are very happy with the peace agreement with Egypt and don’t want to harm any Egyptian. The best thing I can think of is to ask the Aljazeera and Al-Arabiya journalists in Israel to investigate this issue. Maybe you will consider their reporting impartial.

    Of course, I cannot convince you that Israel’s intentions are genuine. If you think my aim is to annihilate you I totally understand why you hate me and would view any peace suggestion from Israel as some kind of deception. I will therefore sadly prepare for another war.


  21. I do not "think" I KNOW. And I am not brainwashed by the N.A. Zionist Media like your dear old cousins in the USA or Canada. Therefore, Israel, its neocon elite government, is trying to annihilate the Palestinians and Lebanese. Doing a good job in Iraq and Afghanistan BTW. Don't even begin with me how these countries are not connected - They ARE.

    Let me lay down the argument from a different angle:

    July 12, your israeli intelligence tells the world how Hamas and Hezbollah started the "war". What is their motto? BY DECEPTION WE SHALL DO WAR? Wasn't Victor Ostrovsky one of your boys? Didn't he get sick of the violence, lies, and deception (black flags)?

    But the INVASION and SLAUGHTER of Lebanon and the Gaza Strip were pre-planned. All of a sudden Israel is ready to go and bomb the airport, then roads and bridges, homes, business buildings, apartments, people and their children. How was Israel able to go that fast with such a methodical, well-measured attack and for so long? THEY WERE ALREADY MOBILIZED FOR INVASION, long before Hezbollah or Hamas captured any israeli soldiers.

    Therefore, israel was just waiting for an excuse before they invaded, slaughtered and butchered.

    After all, what were the israeli soldiers doing on Lebanese territory? Hezbollah wouldn't have had a chance to cross any foriegn territory with all your high towers, huge concrete gun emplacements, cameras, and so on.

    So you are right and I am wrong? Yeah, and elephants fly.

    Over 1,400 people dead in Lebanon, over 15 billion worth of damage done to the country. Turn it around and lets say Lebanon did this to israel:


    Magazines, Newspapers, books, talk shows, news channels, radio would be saturated 24/7 about the slaughter of Israel done by Lebanon.

    I am wrong? Yeah, and Pluto is the planet next to us, not Venus.

    You keep bringing up Egypt and that's easy for you, but I already explained:

    Israel has nothing to fear from Egypt and vice versa as the USA gives approx. 1.5 billion to this country per year. Call it "shut up and be still" money if you want, but that's what it is. And that is why you have peace with Egypt. And so it goes with Jordan.

    I am wrong? Sure. And John Lennon is still alive and living in Nova Scotia.

    Israel has freedom of the press? Right. When journalists, camera men, and Peace activists go to the Palestinian Territories to find out what is happening to the people there, they get Jailed or murdered. Not all of them, but some of them have. So much for your freedom of the press.

  22. Yes, israel's intentions are genuine when it wants to rid itself of its Arab neighbors.

    There were Jewish people on "The Passionate Eye" here on Canadian TV - having a debate about the prisons holding Palestinians. It was Jewish people against "jewish"-zionists. It was a fine debate. This is where I got some my information on the tortures done to Palestinians and Lebanese - including the newborn infants who are hand-cuffed.

    This was on Television. A debate between the real Jews and the phoney ones.

    Several years back there were a group of young Jewish people demanding to speak with the top Zionists at the AIPAC Offices. They wanted to know why they are spending so much time and money on the situation of Darfur but not on the situation of the Palestinians. While the talks did not get out of hand and stayed relatively peaceful, the president of AIPAC, Ms. Kauffman was quite miffed that Jews should be against Jews.

    But not once did she answer questions about the Palestinian situation.

    In the middle of the bombing and slaughter of Lebanon, my mother and I were watching CNN and Larry King was interviewing a pretty blonde girl from the USA who was attending University in Beirut.

    This girl was telling King all kinds of wonderful things about Lebanon, she was quite detailed. But then King asked her one question too many and she started to say negative things about Israel and her rage began to build. Right away, King cut her off and we didn't see this girl's satellite picture anymore. King announced he was going to commercial.

    My mother and I just laughed.

    How does that go again? The best weapon "Israel" has is the N.A. Media. More powerful than the Nuclear weaponry its been building since 1958.

    israel's genuine intentions:

    Mayhem, Madness, and Murder. By Deception We Shall Do War.

    In that case, Elephants do not fly.

  23. Rhiannon,

    We can't even agree on the fact that Hizbollah abducted the soldiers from Israeli soil. Even the UN confirmed this but you view it as a sinister trap by Israel for Hizbollah and a deception played by Israel on everybody else.

    You remind me of the joke about two Jews meeting and one sees that other reading an antisemitic paper. He asks why are you reading that? The first Jew answers: Look, in the Jewish papers I read about pogroms, abuse and economic hardship. In the antisemitic papers I read that Jews are very rich and control the media and the world. It makes me feel much better.

    You know, and I am an idiot that is fooled by the press and my own politicians. I really want to annihilate you but don't get it. Israel wants to kill all Lebanese and Palestinians and this is what Israel is planning. Ok, I understand your position. The fact that you don't even have one ounce of self doubt is disturbing. Please stay in Canada and just keep writing on blogs.


  24. The fact is...YOU are disturbed because I am telling the truth and laying out the facts.

    What? Will you be less disturbed if I stay in Canada and just blog? (laughter)- Well what if I wanted to saunter over to Chicago or New York where I have cousins. They have computers. So maybe I'll blog about israel in those places in the USA.

    Now will you become MORE disturbed?

    You must realize that I am not the only one who knows and says what I know about israel. Aside from the FACT that there are other Canadians like myself, there are also Australians, Europeans, Africans, and British - and USA - who are also blogging the same stuff from their countries.

    Are you getting more disturbed?

    Should they also stay where they are and blog?

    What exactly was your point anyway?

    No, You are the one who does not get it. I already told you how the situation would have been hugely different if it had been israel that had suffered what Lebanon had suffered in July/August.

    But Lebanon does not get 5 billion plus a year from the USA as Israel does. (now THAT is disturbing).

    This does not include a host of other things that the USA does for israel, such as support IT when IT invades the land of ITS neighbors, steals and murders their environmental resources and children.

    Lebanon does not have a super trillion dollar News Media industry (connected to all types of other media and organizations) as does the USA. Nor does any other Arab nation who might support Lebanon with their Media.

    Israel benefits GREATLY from this USA media. Obviously Lebanon did not and lost way too much, viciously and ILLEGALLY done by israel, and NOTHING, no punishment will be served against israel. Now THAT IS DISTURBING.

    Your feather-weight sarcasm for deflecting the barbaric and racist behaviour of israel's government is useless.

    And that joke served no purpose and made no point.

  25. BTW, the UN is bullied by the USA and israel. It is also fortified with influence by israelis, anyway.

    So what good does it do to tell me of the UN's confirmation about Hezbollah?

    Were UN officials THERE at the Southern Border of Lebanon?

    Or are they just listening to "reports" made to them made by Israeli "intelligence"?

    Why should we believe israel?

    How does one Hezbollah pinky toe step onto israel's soil?

    How do they get past the Concrete gun emplacements, towers, cameras, wired fences, lazers and computers, (goodies paid for by USA tax dollars)- how do they get past ALL OF THIS to take israeli soldiers on israel soil and drag them across to Lebanon?

    And how does Hezbollah even get past and over the walls and fences "to take soldiers" on "israel soil" with an army of israeli soldiers readily immobilized AT THE BORDER for the MURDEROUS INVASION that LEBANON nor Hezbollah could have anticipated?

    How many times did the UN call for a ceasefire, and nothing happened?

    The UN confirms?

    Whoop dee doo.

  26. Rhiannon,
    In my opinion you are a fanatic which for me means not having any self doubt whatsoever and living in a black and white world. It is always best to have fanatics sitting and blogging in Canada and the US rather than actually having to deal with them in the middle east. That is why I would like you to stay right where you are.

    I also think you are a hypocrite. You live peacefully in the west enjoying all its benefits but would not allow people in Lebanon the same. Why would it be bad for the Lebanese to have a peace agreement with Israel, get $2 billion "hush money" from the US per year and live a great life with no wars?

    No, you want a good life only for yourself and let the others do the fighting and suffering. Your "pride" will not allow you to let the Lebanese choose peace though your family has run away to Canada.

    I am here in the middle east and am committed and working for a thriving Israel living in peace with its members, and if I have to fight in a war I will.

    What are you comitted to from your hideout in Canada? Having other people fighting your wars for you? Telling the people around you how stupid they are? The Canadian prime minister supports Israel. Is he an idiot who was fooled by the press? No, he must be part of the zionist cabal.

    The only chance the Arabs will ever have of beating Israel is by building strong democratic societies that are technologically advanced. I am quite pleased that your efforts are focused instead on convincing Americans and Candians that they are being fooled by the press. Stay in Canada and encourage also your American cousins to blog.


  27. [e]
    “In my opinion you are a fanatic which for me means not having any self doubt whatsoever and living in a black and white world.”

    Your opinion and what you think means nothing, as I stated FACTS that I KNOW of. FACTS that you cannot handle so you call me a “fanatic’” and a “hypocrite”, and that’s easy and convenient for you. Go on and shove your hatred and racism of Arabs under the carpet and spray to hide the smell of blood. You’re not fooling people anymore.

    Jealous cuz I live in Canada? All hot and angry under the collar because I’m in a “hideout” as you say? Well aren’t you just spittin and hoppin with rage because you have to be “fighting a ‘war’ for me” as you call it.

    (laughter) I didn’t ask you to invade and slaughter Lebanon and Palestine all these years from past to present – none of us did. You did that on your own out of greed and hatred. You did nothing for me. You do your Zionist outfit proud with your disgusting show of arrogance and conceit to cover your dull-witted logic.

    Most Canadians despise Stephen Harper because of his rah rah stance with Bush and Blair. What? You didn’t know?

    Hell Yeah, Harper might as well have donned on a cheerleader outfit like the rest of the neocons and chanted:

    “Go Zionists, Go!”
    Go zionists, Go!”
    “Destroy Lebanon!
    Destroy Palestine!”
    “Do we care about the children?”
    “Hell, NO!”

    Isn’t that what Bush, Rice, Blair, Bolton, Ayalon, Olmert, Harper, Eisen, Livni, and a slew of other assorted neocons/zionists were really saying all along, under the disgusting guise that israel had to “defend” itself?

    So you’re in the middle east, “committed”, “working” for a “thriving ‘israel” and living in ‘peace” with its members, and if you have to ILLEGALLY invade another’s land to destroy their homes, murder more of their children, because you need more room to put your fanatical ‘jewish’ settlers, ILLEGALLY into the West Bank, that is alright with you.

    Well bless your black, shriveled little zionist “heart” and “soul”, and may God reward you generously in the afterlife.

    But remember and listen closely….

    You and your “israel” are NOTHING without that 5 billion plus you get from USA tax dollars every year, and the trillion dollar zionist media that paints a rosy picture of you and your ‘israel” while at the same time LYING about and DEMONIZING Iraqiis, Lebanese, Palestinians, and so on.

    There would be no "commitment", there would be no "working", there would be no “thriving israel” without ME and millions like me in North America who pay taxes.

    Shame on us for not educating ourselves about the M.E. and instead gullibly listening to the LIES of the RACIST media that gets shoved down our throats daily.

    None of these ‘things’ that you are proud of would not exist without ME and the millions like me.

    You are NOT a self-sustaining economy, and in light of what Lebanon and Palestine have had to put up from you, and their economies devastated and destroyed by you, I must say:

    They are BRAVE, RESILIENT, RESOURCEFUL, GOD-LOVING, STRONG, PROUD, and a most SPIRITUAL PEOPLE, and therefore, BY MORE SELF-SUSTAINING than you and your country could ever dream to be.

    The only chance of Arabs BEATING Israel….?

    It is a very big mistake for you to say this.

    Again, you are lying about your neighbors and putting words and intentions into their mouths and minds. You have been doing this for decades.

    Try this instead, it is HONEST FOR A CHANGE:

    The only chance of Arabs HAVING PEACE with israel is for israeli people to WAKE UP and dismantle their racist, zionist government. It begins in israel and it begins with the people who are seeing the tragedies committed by their government and realizing it has to stop.

    That is the beginning, and PEACE for itself and its neighbors begins in israel.

  28. Rhiannon,

    You should read what I write a little more slowly. I am HAPPY you live in Canada. We don't need fanatics like you in the mid-east. Why don't you invite more of your family and friends to Canada?

    I don't think you are an hypocrite because I am fighting for you. You are a hypocrite because from the safety of your hideout in Canada you are egging on the Lebanese and Palestinians to fight. You are asking them to fight for you while you sit and blog. I view this as an hypocritical and cowardly act on your part.

    The Lebanese could easily have peace with Israel like the Egyptians and Jordanians. But you would deny them this and tell them to fight.

    Harper had 57% approval rating in mid Spetember. Most Canadians despise him? Hardly, they support him. So tell me, are 57% of the Canadians stupid or part of the Zionist Cabal?

    From Wikipedia: "Israel's GDP in 2005 reached $155 billion, about $25 thousand per person, roughly comprable to middle-income European nations such as Greece or Spain." The US support is about 3% of the Israeli GDP. Israel would survive quite well without it. Wake up to reality.


  29. You israeli zionists are all the same. You say the same racist junk. And you hide behind your wikepedia, like that's your best answer.

    Baby, israel is NOTHING, absolutely ZERO without the 5 billion plus USA tax dollars coming to you every year. It's easy to be spoiled, bratty and ungrateful when that money is keeping your lifestyle cozy, isn't?

    You'd be talking differently, between sobs and whining, if you didn't have that 5 billion plus, annually.

    You fight for me? Do you even know how to fight? Is this your way of fighting? SURE IT IS:

    Alison Weir, a California journalist and activist who chronicles the bias in U.S. media coverage of Middle East events, bestirred many Americans—perhaps many thousands--during the past few days ago with a powerful, chilling Internet account of the largely-unreported murder of a Palestinian mother of eleven children by Israeli soldiers in Gaza.

    Itemad Ismail Abu Mo'ammar was fatally shot while trying to rescue her deaf husband from a severe beating by Israeli soldiers, who were furious because he did not answer their questions.

    Weir wrote:
    "Foolishly or valiantly, how is one to say, the 35-year-old woman interfered. She tried to explain that her husband was deaf and couldn't hear their questions. Then she attempted to stop them from hitting him. So they shot her. SEVERAL TIMES.

    She didn't die, though. That took longer, because the soldiers refused to allow an ambulance to transport her to a physician. Finally, after approximately five hours, one was permitted to take her to a hospital where physicians were able to render one service: pronounce her dead.

    Why did this all happen? The family lived behind the residence of a resistance fighter wanted by Israel. The death of Itemad was simply 'collateral damage' in a failed Israeli assassination-kidnapping operation."

    Weir searched major U.S. media--broadcast and print--from coast to coast, and found Itemad's death reported only in three newspapers, a single-sentence notice in each. One of the three, The Washington Post, reported inaccurately that the woman was killed by an Israeli tank round.

    After exchanging messages with Weir, the Post cleared for publication her letter that explained that multiple bullets, fired close up—not a tank round--were the cause of death. But the Post reneged. The letter was not published.

    Why? Weir's explanation: "After all, these were only Palestinians, and it was just another mother dead."

    Ponder the "why" of the shooting. Although the distraught woman struggled to get the armed soldiers to stop beating her deaf husband, she surely posed no physical threat to them. Even if they did not understand what she said, she was, at worst, an inconvenience, hardly deserving to be shot.

    Now consider the "why" of the aftermath. Were the hearts of the Israeli squad so hardened that they could not act with compassion as the husband and children watched helplessly through unavailing tears as the woman bled to death?

    Why did they want her dead?

    This Gaza atrocity is not an isolated aberration.

    Israeli brutality is commonplace, and so is American silence in response. What transformed the soldiers, their military superiors, as well as the civilian leaders of the Israeli government into callous brutes?

    Is the whole Israeli governmental system so corrupted with anti-Arab passion that mercy for a dying mother is nowhere to be found?

  30. So this is how your IOF so-called "soldiers" fight? This is what you call a "war".

    My such "bravery". Pumping bullets into the mother of eleven children and beating up on her deaf husband.

    You guys are just so "brave" and "courageous". I mean the way you duke it out with children who are half your age, and their mothers who are sometimes pregnant. You guys with your combat boots, flak jackets, machine guns, batons, helmuts, and tear gas, and tanks --- and the kids in t-shirts, jeans, and worn out gym shoes.

    Hey we have sick stuff like that happening in the USA and Canada!

    But there are a few differences:

    The rabid gang of punks that roam our streets don't have flak jackets, helmuts, teargas, and tanks like your IOF so-called "soldiers".

    And no one is paying them fabulous wages to murder innocents incessantly and without discernment.

    Over here they do it for free! But our poor rabid little street punks do get a criminal record and get sent to jail, at least for awhile.

    Hey, I gotta great idea!

    We'll send our monsters to israel! That way they have nice furnished homes and get paid great wages for murdering Palestinian children and their mothers. And they would never have to worry about getting a police record or going to jail.

    After all, they wouldn't be any different from the fanatically sociopathic so-called "jewish" settlers who are actually worse than the IOF - if that can be possible.

  31. Rhiannon,

    You know what, let's step back one moment and instead of rambling let's discuss in depth two issues you raised:

    1) Why didn't the washington post publish Weir's letter? Is your position that this is because they don't care about Palestinian life?

    2) You maintain Israel is nothing without the $5B dollar. I provided you evidence that this is a small percentage of Israel's GDP. You still maintain that it is critical to Israel as without it we are nothing. Can you please explain why? How big do you think Israel's economy actually is? If I want to find the real size of Israel's economy, where should I look?

    These are two points you raised and I would appreciate it of you could please clarify them.


  32. I am not rambling. Nor are you. I am not playing games. I believe you are. I just answered your two questions in previous posts.

    Okay. I'll go it another way:


    On Feb. 6, 2003, the Washington Post – under the headline “Irrefutable” – told readers in no uncertain terms:

    “After Secretary of State Colin L. Powell’s presentation to the United Nations Security Council yesterday, it is hard to imagine how anyone could doubt that Iraq possesses weapons of mass destruction.”

    · These are the same mainstream media that tell us to ignore the CLEAR EVIDENCE of Israeli foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks.

    · These are the same media run by Jewish extremists that never discuss the facts of ISRAELI TERRORISM AGAINST AMERICA such as in the Lavon Affair, or the clear evidence of Israeli infamy in the terrorist, surprise attack on the USS Liberty.

    · These are the same media that forever tell us of the danger of MUSLIM EXTREMISTS WHO HAVE ZERO POWER in the American media or government, but that never discuss the danger of Jewish extremists who own and/or influence a predominance of America’s media from TV to newspapers, to magazines to movies and that constitute the most powerful Lobby and force in American politics.

    · These are the same media that forever warn of the danger of White racism, Black nationalism, Islamo-fascism.

    · But this very same media will never criticize powerful extremist organizations such as Chabad Lubavitch, a Jewish-supremacist movement which professes that Gentiles are like animals that have only one purpose for their existence on earth: to serve the superior Jewish people.

    · Chabad has confabs in the White House.

  33. - The creation of the state of Israel:

    "Without the Holocaust, there would be no Jewish state."

    This candid statement was made by a Jew, Robert Goldman (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 19 December 1997, p. 9).

    Goldman was right. Without the holocaust, the world would never have permitted the founding of a Jewish state in Palestine three years after the war.

    - While other powers were rushing to grant independence to their colonies, the Jews in Palestine were allowed to embark on a colonial adventure par excellence, with the blessing of both the West and the Soviet Union.

    - In order to ensure that their state would have a Jewish majority, the Zionists proceeded with ruthless brutality; whole villages were leveled, thousands of Arabs were murdered (Deir Yassein was but one of many massacres), and a great proportion of the Palestinians were expelled from the land of their ancestors.

    The ones who remained behind have been subject to severe repression ever since.

    - According to the very pro-Zionist Swiss weekly Die Weltwoche (22 October 1992), no less than 15,000 Palestinian political prisoners were languishing in Israeli jails in 1992, and the Israeli Supreme Court officially sanctioned the use of torture in November 1996.

    Israeli soldiers shoot unarmed Palestinian demonstrators, many of who are children, every day.

    Jewish terror in occupied Palestine is not actually encouraged or approved by world opinion, but it is tolerated.

    After all, the Jewish people need a homeland to protect them from a new holocaust, and what are the sufferings of the Palestinians compared to those of the Jews under Hitler?

    Let us beware of illusions: As long as people in the West believe in the six million and the gas chambers, they will always support Israel in principle, even if they criticize the Israeli treatment of the Palestinians as being unnecessarily harsh = slow-insidious Palestinian holocaust.

    Without outside assistance, the Zionist parasite state would not be viable. Its chief source of revenue consists of financial injections from America, support from international Jewry and German reparations.

    According to official sources, the Federal Republic of Germany had paid 85,4 billion Deutschmarks by 1992 (Der Spiegel, 18/1992), but the real sum is much higher.

    In addition, there have been enormous deliveries in the form of commodities.

    Nahum Goldmann, long-time chairman of the Jewish World Congress, made no secret of this fact; he wrote:

    "Without the German reparations that started coming during its first ten years as a state, Israel would not have half of its present infrastructure. All the trains are German, and the same goes for electrical installations and a great deal of Israel's industry" (Nahum Goldmann, Das juedische Paradox, Europaeische Verlagsanstalt, 1978, p. 171).

    In 1999, Germany provided Israel with ultra-modern submarines, which can carry nuclear missiles.

    The Israelis did not have to pay a penny - the submarines were another token of German atonement for the holocaust.

    - Jewish Immunity of the Jews from criticism:

    Before 1945, criticism of Jews was legitimate. Today, that is no longer the case. Even the slightest criticism of Jewish power and Jewish arrogance is met with swift, damning repercussions - for example:

    ~~~the heavy influence of the Jews in the mass media of the West,

    ~~~the staggeringly high number of Jews in the Clinton administration,

    ~~~or the impertinent behaviour of the Central Jewish Council in Germany - any critcisms of these is immediately shouted down with screams about Auschwitz!

    The effectiveness of this intimidation is demonstrated by the following fact:

    The most obnoxious criminal organisation in the world is regularly referred to as the "Russian Mafia" although virtually all bosses are Jewish, often with Israeli passports.

    This is irrefutably demonstrated by Juergen Roth in his documentation Die Russen-Mafia (Rasch und Roehring, Hamburg 1996).

    The title of the book translates as "The Russian Mafia", for if it were "The Jewish Mafia", the author would have gone to a German jail, and his book would have been burnt.

    In today's Russia, five or six out of the seven big "oligarchs" who made their fabulous fortunes with money stolen from the Russian people are Jews. THIS WAS NEVER MENTIONED IN WESTERN MEDIA.

    After the 1991 war against Iraq, George Bush senior, who was then president of the USA, publicly spoke of a "New World Order" which he did not care to define. As a matter of fact, the "New World Order" means that America, as the undisputed superpower, can impose its policy and its dubious values on all other countries.

    And the Jews nowadays largely rule America. Even if Jewish influence is much less pervasive in the Republican party than in the Democratic one --- the Jews still own virtually every major newspaper and most of the television chains --- so that no Republican president can afford to govern against them.

    In modern society, nobody can govern against the media, as Richard Nixon learned to his disadvantage a quarter of a century ago.

  34. Rhiannon,

    Even though I am becoming convinced that you are using some software to generate your replies, I have to say that your arguments are convincing. It does seem that that you at least have been influenced greatly by the North American media but no in a good way unfortunately. You have developed a serious phobia.


  35. Let's see....

    You are convinced I am using software to generate my replies.....

    Hey! I was going to say the same thing about YOU! Didn't I mention earlier that you zionists all speak the same robotic rote?

    You gotta admit! I'm damn more colorful and a bit more alive than you are my little zionist mummy. And I NEVER quote from the useless wikepedia.

    Again, let's see...

    You say my arguments are convincing? Why? When you just accused me of using software...

    Look, I don't give a shishe about convincing you of anything.

    You can snap right back to your stale, claustrophobic world of "Arabs Deserve To Die, We Are Better Than They Are", as I know that is where you come from.

    As for my influences and my serious phobias...?

    They were brought on by the sight of 'israel' and its so-called 'soldiers' easily massacring women and children...

    1,400 people dead, 700 of them children...bodies in the grave, Lebanon in ruins...a million cluster bombs - excrement dececated by 'israel' ...

    More children losing arms, legs, and eyes, and some of them their lives...

    So that 'israel' can steal water from the Wazzani river, and steal precious topsoil from the Lebanon's fertile country.

    And I didn't even mention Gaza or the West Bank.

    Yeah...that's a hell of a lot of serious phobia and influences, thanks to your 'precious israel' and its warloving leaders:

    "Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves."
    --Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, 1977-1983

  36. Rhiannon,
    Where is the Begin quote from? Can you send me the source. I promise that if he really said that I will leave Israel and donate $10,000 to Hamas.

    I am really more interested in hearing your views about the North American media. Why do you think the Washington Post didn't publish the letter you discussed? Please, let's stick to one point so we can have a meaningful discussion. If you would rather like to discuss the $5B aid to Israel that would be fine also.


  37. Carter Reveals Begin Viewed
    Jews As The Master Race

    In his memoirs of his years in the White House, former President Jimmy Carter wrote that there could have been peace between the Arabs and the Israelis had it not been for the bigoted, Nazi-like racial views of Israeli's Prime Minister Menachem Begin.

    Begin, Carter recalled, believed the Jews were a Master Race, a holy people superior to Egyptians and Arabs. Begin also believed that God wanted the Jews to own the land, so there was absolutely no basis for peace. The Jews lusted after the land and intended to have it. Period.

    Rabbi Mendel Schneerson, the late Jewish Lubavitcher and friend of the senior George Bush, also believed the Jews are a superior Master Race. Many Jews today agree with the late Rabbi. Some even believe that Schneerson will himself someday be resurrected and return as the Jewish World Messiah. Schneerson once explained his theory of Jewish racial superiority this way. He said, "We have a case of the Jew...a totally different species."

    "The body of a Jewish person," Schneerson bragged, "is of a totally different quality from the body of members of all other nations of the world. Bodies of the Gentiles are in vain. An even greater difference is in regard to the soul...A non-Jewish soul comes from three satanic spheres, while the Jewish soul stems from holiness."

    Holocaust activist Elie Wiesel, whose lies about his holocaust experiences seem to be legion, also claims that Jews are a superior race. "Everything about us is different," Wiesel boasts. "Jews are ontologically exceptional."

    "Our race is the Master Race. We Jews are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves." (Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin in a speech to the Knesset New Statesman, June 25, 1982)
    [Israeli Parliament], quoted by Amnon Kapeliouk, "Begin and the Beasts,"

    "[The Palestinians] are beasts walking on two legs."
    Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, speech to the Knesset, quoted in Amnon Kapeliouk, "Begin and the 'Beasts,"' New Statesman, June 25, 1982.

    "We must do everything to ensure they [the Palestinian refugees] never do return."

    "The Partition of Palestine is illegal. It will never be recognized.... Jerusalem was and will for ever be our capital. Eretz Israel will be restored to the people of Israel. All of it. And for Ever."

    Menachem Begin, the day after the U.N. vote to partition Palestine.


    Don’t even start with your CAMERA nonsense. CAMERA is nothing but a racist Zionist organization founded by Charles Jacobs, super racist Zionist extraordinaire. I will zap you with all kinds of Charles Jacobs INFO if you throw CAMERA on this blog.

    As for leaving ‘israel’, please. Stay in ‘israel’. Haven't you heard? Israel is desperate to keep its population up.

    …..And After all, ‘israel’ needs you to join the IOF and run illegal night raids into the territories, murder a few children, murder some of their family. I want you to WORK HARD at putting my tax dollars to use!

    Oh yeah, and I need you to ‘fight’ for me.

    And stupid cowardly me will live in luxurious Canada and pray for you......

    10,000 to Hamas? Shame on you! That’s my money you’re throwing around! Instead, give it to the fanatical ‘jewish’ settlers so that they can buy more bicycle chains to hunt Arabs with.