Monday, March 19, 2007

Running out of Passwords...

For as long as I could remember over the last decade, my pet's name, Fluffy, was my favorite password, and pastime. There is a strange ambiance pets create in our lives, whether a cat, a dog, a parrot, a hamster, or even a turtle.

Fluffy, a Chinchilla Persian white feline – with charms and manners that get the better of anybody - has been central in my family's life for the last 11 years. She passed away Friday, age 11.

It is surprising that with all the death and pain around us, one is able to shed so many tears over an animal. One cannot control his emotions though. Sadness and Happiness are not mutually exclusive.

For such a long time, our life at home revolved around Fluffy: From very early morning wake up visits to morning grooming sessions. Fluffy determined our family vacations and our travel schedules – we could not all travel together, there had always to be a cat-sitter. Fluffy had to be kept out of my suitcase every time I pack, and her long white hair was a long time trademark on my dark suits and corduroy pants.

Fluffy were the first thing that greets me when I returned home, and the last thing that chased me out of it. Fluffy was my laptop arm-rest, my wake up alarm, my hot water bottle, and my reading companion.

Most of all, Fluffy was the password I used as part of my password combinations.. I spent last weekend changing those – just to avoid the sinking heart feeling when I type in my password on my computer or phone every morning.

A friend of mine who lost his cat "Lenin" last year wrote: Shakespeare compared life to a stage on which every person acts his part effectively and then leaves. I know that cats are one of the best stage actors, because they profoundly affect your life in all aspects… Sleep well buddy for she watches you back stage.

Fluffy, lovingly called "Beeti" - now rests in peace at a beautiful spot under an old tree near a water spring. Having lived for 11 years, but kept the manners of a queen and the character of a kitten, she's not an easy thing to forget.

If cats go to heaven, Fluffy would already be as I shall always remember her, sitting in the cool shade of the large Jasmine tree like the one in our garden in regal poise.

Friday, March 09, 2007

A Flower: What is Spring-time?

It's almost spring, and nature is bursting with greenery, and with tiny little white daisies and red anemones.. Below is a list of flower meanings, courtesy of

There is another imaginary flower than only I and a friend of mine (a.k.a Putty Putt) know the connotation of, Percatitum. It stands for fun, friendship, wild dreams, and reality-checks.

Acacia - Secret love
Acorn - Nordic symbol of life and immortality
Aloe - Grief
Allspice - Compassion
Ambrosia - Love returned
Amaryllis - Pride; Timidity
Anemone - Unfading love
Angelica - Inspiration
Aniseed - Restoration of youth
Arbutis - Only love
Apple - Preference
Aster - Love; daintiness
Azalea - Take care of yourself for me; fragile passion; Chinese symbol of womanhood

Bachelor Button - Celibacy
Baby's Breath - Everlasting Love
Basil - Best Wishes, Love
Bay Leaf - Strength
Begonia - Beware
Bells Of Ireland - Good luck
Bird Of Paradise - Magnificence
Bittersweet - Truth
Bluebell - Humility; constancy
Borage - Courage
Bouquet of withered flowers - Rejected love
Burnet - A merry heart
Buttercup - Cheerfulness

Cactus - Endurance; warmth
Calendula - Joy
Camellia - Admiration; perfection; good luck gift to a man
Candytuft - indifference
Carnation (in general) Bonds of affection; health and energy; fascination; woman love
Carnation (pink) - I'll never forget you
Carnation (purple) - Capriciousness; whimsical; changeable
Carnation (red) - My heart aches for you; admiration
Carnation (solid color) -Yes
Carnation (striped)- No; refusal; sorry I can't be with you; wish I could be with you
Carnation (white) -Sweet and lovely; innocence; pure love; woman's good luck gift
Carnation (yellow) - Rejection; disdain
Cattail - Peace; prosperity
Cedar – Lebanon; eternity
Chamomile - Patience ; attracts wealth
Chrysanthemum (in general) - Cheerfulness; You're a wonderful friend
Chrysanthemum (red) - I love
Chrysanthemum (white) - Truth
Chrysanthemum (yellow) -Slighted love
Coreopsis - Always cheerful
Coriander - Lust
Cowslip - Pensiveness; winning grace
Crocus - Cheerfulness; abuse not
Cyclamen - Resignation and goodbye
Clover Good luck

Daffodil Respect
Daisy Innocence
Dandelion Wishes come true

Eucalyptus - Protection

Fennel - Worthy of all praise
Fern - Sincerity
Forget-Me-Not - True love
Fern (Magic) - Fascination; confidence and shelter
Fern (Maidenhair) - Secret bond of love
Feverfew - Protection
Fir - Time
Flax - Domestic symbol; fate
Forget-me-not - True love; memories
Forsythia - Anticipation

Gardenia - You're lovely; secret love
Garland of roses - Reward of virtue
Garlic - Courage; strength
Geranium (Scented) - Preference
Gladiolus - Love at first sight
Grass - Submission; utility

Heather (lavender) - Admiration; solitude
Heather (white) - Protection; wishes will come true
Hibiscus - Delicate beauty
Holly - Good will, Defense;domestic Happiness; foresight
Honeysuckle - Generous and devoted affection
Hyacinth (general) - Games and sports; rashness;flower dedicated to Apollo
Hyacinth (blue) - Constancy
Hyacinth ( purple) - I'm sorry; please forgive me; sorrow
Hyacinth (red or pink) - Play
Hyacinth (white) - Loveliness; I'll pray for you
Hyacinth (yellow) - Jealousy
Hydrangea - Thank you for understanding; frigidity; heartlessness
Hyssop - Wards away evil spirits

Iris - Faith; hope; wisdom and valor
Ivy - Fidelity and friendship
Ivy - sprig of white tendrils - Anxious to please; affection

Jasmine - Amiability; attracts wealth
Jonquil - Love me; affection returned; desire; sympathy; desire for a return of affection

Larkspur - pink - Fickleness
Lavender - Devotion
Lemon - Zest
Lemon Balm - Brings love
Lemon verbena - Attracts opposite sex
Lily (general) - Keeps unwanted visitors away
Lily (calia) - Beauty
Lily (day) - Coquetry
Lily (eucharis) - Maiden charms
Lily (orange) - Hatred
Lily (tiger) - Wealth; pride
Lily (white) - Virginity; purity; majesty; it's heavenly to be with you
Lily (yellow) - I'm walking on air; false and gay
Lily of the valley - sweetness; return to happiness; humility

Magnolia - Sweetness; beauty; love of nature
Marigold - Comforts the heart
Mint - Protection from illness; warmth of feeling
Marjoram (sweet) - Joy and happiness
Mistletoe - Kiss me; affection; to surmount difficulties; sacred plant of India
Monkshood - Beware, a deadly foe is near; chivalry
Moss - Maternal love; charity
Myrtle - Love; Hebrew emblem of marriage

Narcissus - Egotism; formality; stay as sweet as you are
Nasturtium - Conquest; victory in battle; maternal love; charity; patriotism

Oleander - Caution; beware
Orange Generosity
Orange Blossom - Brings wisdom
Orange Mock - Deceit
Orchid - Love; beauty; refinement; beautiful lady; Chinese symbol for many children
Orchid (cattleya) - Mature charm

Palm leaves - Victory and success
Pansy - Thoughts; love
Peach Longevity
Peony - Aphrodisiac
Petunia - Resentment; anger; your presence soothes me
Pine - Hope; pity
Poppy (general) - Eternal sleep ; oblivion; imagination
Poppy (red) -Pleasure; consolation
Poppy (white) - Consolation; sleep
Poppy( yellow) - Wealth; success
Prickly Pear - Satire
Primrose - I can't live without you; early youth
Primrose(evening) - Inconstancy

Rose (general)(Red) - Love ; I love you
Rose( white) - Eternal Love ; innocence; heavenly; secrecy and silence
Rose(pink) - Perfect happiness; please believe me
Rose(Yellow) - Friendship ; jealousy; try to care
Rose(Black) -Death
Rose(red and white) - Together; unity
Rose(thornless) - Love at first sight
Rose( single, full bloom) - I love you; I still love you
Rose bud - Beauty and youth ; a heart innocent of love
Rose bud(red) - Pure and lovely
Rose bud(white) - Girlhood
Rosebud (moss) - Confessions of love
Roses(Bouquet of full bloom) - Gratitude
Roses( Garland or crown of) - Beware of virtue; reward of merit; crown ; symbol of superior merit
Roses ( musk cluster) - Charming
Rose(tea) - I'll always remember
Rose(cabbage) - Ambassador of love
Rose(Christmas) - Tranquilize my anxiety; anxiety
Rose(damask) - Brilliant complexion
Rose(dark crimson) - Mourning
Rose(hibiscus) - Delicate beauty
Rose leaf - You may hope
Rosemary - Remembrance

Sage Wisdom - long life
Salvia -(blue) I think of you
Smilax - Loveliness
Snapdragon - Deception; gracious lady; presumption
Spiderflower - Elope with me
Stephanotis - Happiness in marriage; desire to travel
Stock - Lasting beauty
Strawberry - Perfect goodness
Sunflower - Loyalty; wishes
Sweetpea - Goodbye; departure; blissful pleasure; Thank you for a lovely time

Thyme - Strength and courage; ensures restful sleep
Tulip(general) - Fame,charity; perfect lover
Tulip(red) - Believe me; declaration of love
Tulip(variegated) - Beautiful eyes
Tulip(yellow) - Hopeless love

Violet - Modesty; calms tempers; induces sleep
Violet(blue) - Watchfulness; faithfulness; I'll always be true
Violet(white) - Let's take a chance on happiness
Viscaria - Will you dance with me?

Woodruff - sweet humility

Yarrow - Health,healing

Zinnia - Thoughts of friends
Zinnia(magenta) - Lasting affection
Zinnia(mixed) - Thinking of an absent friend
Zinnia(scarlet) - Constancy
Zinnia(white) - Goodness
Zinnia(yellow) - Daily remembrance