Friday, October 06, 2006

1973-2006: Myth Busters

Thirty-three years anniversary of the October 1973 war! The Egyptian Army crosses the Barlev Line. Many would come and say that it was not a victory, but that is not the point. The outcome is that Sinai is Egyptian and Arab today.
Thirty-three years ago, young Egyptian heroes crossed the Suez Canal to claim back what is rightfully theirs. [Check this website on Yom-Kippur]

Does the Canal qualify as part of the Red Sea? No matter what, the Egyptians did not need Moses to part the sea to get to the other side. They were not fleeing the Pharos; they took justice into their hands. They planned, they implemented, and they succeeded. They were the myth busters. Israel is not invincible, and contrary to what is believed, you do not need to destroy Israel, you just need to shake it hard enough to get what you want.

Back then, Arabs proved that Israel is not “invincible,” and that force, will, and good planning do pay back. This year, Lebanon proved the same.

Was Lebanon – through its resistance– victorious? One can debate this forever. I find it difficult to answer this question myself because HA was involved. Nonetheless, I still do believe our tiny little country should be proud that a bunch of its young men busted the myth again.

With one slight difference, the Egyptian Army undertook the assignment. Next time we need to defend our land and reclaim our rights, it should be the Lebanese Army supported by a government-controlled resistance, under a
National Defense Plan.

I bow in respect to all the young men who sacrificed their life in 1973 for Egyptian and Arab land and honor. I also bow to all the resistance men and women in Lebanon: those who died for their cause, and those who lived (and will live) for it: A 10452 km2 free, independent, and sovereign country – Liberated of all foreign occupation – whether Israeli or Syrian.