Wednesday, August 09, 2006

After an Israeli Air Raid on S. Lebanon: Mother dies in lap of her surviving Child!

Ode of a mother and Child:

My Son,

Oh, thank God you're alive and well,

Listen, time is short,
I can hear the planes coming back;

To you I entrust a country,
As small as your tears,
but more precious than my life,

To you my son, I entrust a tune,
A song of hope, of Liberation,
A song of life, of resurrection,

To you my son, I entrust tomorrow,
Oh yes, To you my son, I entrust a Lebanon,
of the soil that will shroud thousands of those who die
...with their heads high

We will die today, and rise tomorrow,
With waving banners we will rise,
With smiling children,
10,452 smiles!

From heaven I will oversee you,
There, I will be higher than the F-16,
And from above, even from above,
I will defend this country.