Sunday, October 08, 2006

David-Stone: Defensive Rolling Stone

Had it not been for the burst of the military bubble of Israel, Egypt would not have got its land back. Lebanon now has the same options. Israel paralysed half of Lebanon and destroyed 10 billion dollars worth of Infrastructure, a bunch of Lebanese guys parlayed northern Israel & its economy, and their economic losses are comparable, and the cost of war is not cheap for them either - 2 billion dollars of weapons.

Israel has forever boasted it can destroy the whole country. It still can, but this country will not stand still. I have strong reserve on "who" fights the defensive war, but I have no doubt that we should be always ready to give our neighbour to the south a strong kick in the mid-section if it gets macho. I propose to call the defensive plan - the David-Stone, a small stone between the eyes of the military giant once that beast gets aggressive.

I do not believe in peace with Israel, I do believe in a truce - until such a time that Israel truly moves towards peace. I believe the same applies to all Arabs and Israel. I repeat, until proven otherwise, Israel should not be trusted. On the other hand, running an endless war is futile to us at least. War from our part is only a means to set the record straight. After peace, we should always be careful. Israel cannot be trusted.

A clarification, I do not believe in Israel's right to exist as a principle, but I am also pragmatic. Now that it's there, we have to find a way to live with it with a pinch of salt, or a squeeze of lemon. The interim solution: two states. Long term solution, one state for the two people (secular, non-ethnic). Final solution - one state, and one people. Those would be called the Palestinian people (or call them any name), a multiethnic people, and multi-denominational one as well. Jews, Christians, Muslims etc. Some of the new-Palestinian people would have been originally Arab, and the others would have come a long time ago from Poland, Germany, Yemen, and Morocco etc. Timeframe? Hopefully 60 years. Crusades have done that, they came as Fredrick and Wolfgang, now they are called Mohammed and Elias. Let's put it into testing: Motche Kassav is called Moussa Kassab. Actually, the earlier pronunciation of the name sound like a sneeze compared to the rhythmic Arabic.

Another interesting fact, part of the Crusades and their settlements moved back to Europe, those who stayed integrated with their surrounding. I know that Arab airlines are acquiring A380s en-mass, in short, they can move a million people a month if they need to. Possible destinations: Madagascar for Climate, Europe for Culture.