Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Beirut: Open Demonstration, Open Heart

A very touching drawing my Pierre Sadek, the famous Lebanese Caricaturist – shown on Future TV (staunch government supporter) on the eve of the demonstrations!

It Reads: Open Protest on the upper right corner, Open Heart on the lower right.

Beirut the large red Arabic script, forming a heart and a bouquet of roses.

On the first day of the demonstrations, Fairuz, the Lebanese Diva, was parading on the BIEL Theatre, a few hundred meters from the demonstration site – Full house! On the third day, the Beirut Marathon was taking place (courtesty & AFP). The prime minister beseiged in the Ministerial Serail announces that he bows his head in pride for every Lebanese who expresses his right to demonstrate. In a region where dictatorship prevails, in a country where hearing Nasrallah and Aoun talk gives me allergy - I remember that Voltaire (?) said: "I disapprove of what you say (as a matter of fact, I hate what they're saying), but I will defend to the death your right to say it." Deeper under the skin of pro-Syria, anti-America, anti-government, da..da..da.. Lies freedom, and the belief that the people have the right to impose change.

Beirut, Lady of Democracy, Lady of Madness, Lady of Change, City of Change.

If she's with them.. I'm Changing Sides

The finer side of anti-government pro-Hizbullah Demonstrations!
Apologies for Photographer - I got this by email - source unknown.