Saturday, August 12, 2006

Another Crime that Did Not Happen!

Photographs of 20-month-old Mohammed Dahaineh and his mother are placed on top of their bodies, draped in Lebanese flags - Wednesday, Aug. 9, 2006, during the mass funeral of Lebanese citizens who were killed when an Israeli airstrike hit an apartment building late Monday in the Beirut suburb of Chiah.
A series of at least six missiles fired from Israel ships off the Lebanese coast slammed into the south Beirut suburbs Wednesday, as residents were conducting a funeral for some of the 41 victims killed in Israeli airstrikes there three days earlier.
This photo was also published in Al-Safir Newspaper last Thursday.
(Courtesy: AP Photo/Hussein Malla)

War Images: Pax Israeliana on Live TV

For those who would even DARE to claim this footage is a fake, there are videos on live TV, including CNN of the Qana Massacre, on what the IDF has always claimed to be a "regretable mistake." Their regretable mistake list is longer than the New York City Phone Book.

War Images

Images of War: Hollywood & Nazionist Propaganda

The Zionist Lobby is accusing the Press of faking the Lebanon War Images. That is probably the best Nazionist [Nazi Zionist] Propaganda ever. It's become so easy that a person with little background on the conflict could come up with a quick response that the pictures I posted are possibly fake. He was too kind to draw my attention to that.

I also got another Hate mail that objects to the use of word genocide to describe what is going on in Lebanon. Seems that someone has an exclusivity on "genocides," in both the victim and the perpetrator roles. Human life is not measured in numbers. Human life is invaluable, no matter what the numbers are. Otherwise, it's just a matter of time till we qualify for Genocide - courtesy of the IDF.

For those people who live in "Hollywood," all death looks the same. All rubble looks the same. Truth and lie are the same. It might be confusing: In the age of Photoshop, even a photo is no longer a reliable source. Here is the Link to the Nazionist Propaganda piece:

My answer is:it's also documented on Video. Time will come - your time, and the time for truth!!

On the other hand, for those who want to watch death on "Real TV" live -: please go to, and you can subscribe to streamline LIVE TV. It's in Arabic, but news and film footage need no explanation. Suggestions are: AlArabiya, AlJazeera, FutureTV, LBCI, ANB.

It takes more than Hollywood and Bollywood combined to be able to produce such a film set.
For the misguided mind, it takes one Nazionist to say it's a lie, and a world to believe that.
Stop the war, bring the war criminals to justice!