Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Of Survival, Accusation & a bit more...

A caricature of Stavro Jabra, in Opinion, August 16, 2006. Lebanon is wounded, but nonetheless victorious.

Notice the two fingers: combined – they are the symbol of victory over ruthless agression, of resilience. Separated, one is the finger of accusation, and the other finger – is… errrr… of defiance.
Refer to my earlier post, Give it Your Best Shot Halutz! He will barely fly kites after the interrogation committee is done with him. Hague Tribunal for War Crimes? Most certainly.
Another image from Cox& Forkum mocking Olmert's fate; Having turned into a butt of all jokes, he hasn't seen the end of the blows yet.

We are all Hizbullah* (*Limited Offer,**terms & Conditions apply)

A disclaimer: I never liked Hizbullah for my own reasons (I'm being polite). I don't like Syria (for the same reasons), and I could think less of the US and UK policy that let people die while their politicians were vacationing, or working for a "lasting ceasefire," yeah sure!
My general disregard and contempt to the regional and international powers - I hope - is a good excuse to give one of them -Hizbullah (HA) -some credit - for one time and one time only. Those who know me will assume that I have certainly lost my mind.

I don't like HA having weapons either, but someone else across the border will not disarm (hint.. Israel), and someone else across the border will not let the Lebanese army build its Armour. Lebanon cannot financially afford the burden of getting ultra-modern defensive technology to shoot down their F-16 next time Israeli warplanes come to destroy our bridges and to curb their tanks the next time they tarnish our national soil or brutally attack our civilians.

So much talk on Television. Of course, the politicians have to talk, or else they will be driven out of their jobs - While at it, if there is one person I hate (yes.. more than Nasser Kandil), he would be called Wiaam Wahab. Someone do something quick before I get hold of him??

Back to the main issue. My suggestion: the Lebanese Army and HA work together to join forces to build a defensive technology to protect Lebanon.

Few Lebanese, if any have doubts that Israel is an enemy, and few if any have doubts that it's only a matter of time till IDF fighter jets invade our skies and demean our national sovereignty. The answer? The Carrot and Stick policy: Lebanon signs treaties, in turn, Lebanon can and should be able to answer back if they ever come knocking our doors again. A Neutral Lebanon with a Deterrent force. Lebanon should never again be the only battleground in the Middle East to fight Israel, neither should the country turn itself into a lame sitting duck either. Neutrality is a great option, but we have a snake for a neighbor. We'll go neutral, Can we trust Israel? Can the UN control Israel? Say yes only if you believe it. Hizbullah fighters - Lebanon's men - withstood fire for a whole month on the battlefield against the fiercest and most brutal armed force in the world. To them, I bow my head - they defended my country, their country, our country. Now, I ask their leaders to please listen to reason.

I should add out of courtesy that the Syrians are a threat only if you fear breaking into hysterical laughter or bursting your gall bladder (fa2-3et mrarti) once you hear their president attempt to talk like a real man. They can have ours in replacement. Otherwise, they can keep trying to medel in our own business and ignore theirs until the time comes when they realize how mistaken and distracted they have been. They have to answer to their people first.

That being said, we have to distinguish between the ability to trigger a war, and defensive capabilities. Hizbullah has NO business waging wars. Lebanon has NO interest in declaring a war. On the other hand, every Lebanese, man or woman, have a duty to defend against possible, if not an imminent aggression in the future. It does not make sense to disarm when our enemy is at high alert, or to disarm when Olmert vows in the Knesset to continue the fight.

Lebanon should build a voluntary and controlled "civil-resistance" body that splits efforts between Hospitals, Civil Defense, Media, social work, etc. as well as for border confrontation. This civil-resistance is also a safety valve in case of natural disasters - an earthquake - God Forbid, or an unnatural disaster, such as Israel . We have to be ready.

My proposal is not to diminish Hizbullah, but rather to expand it into Hizbu-Lubnan. One, you have to find Hizbullah first. Second, are the Lebanese willing to fight internally when there is a better road to follow? Perhaps a civil para-military group under the training and control of the Lebanese government and Lebanese Army. To that, a less religious and dogmatic rhetoric, and less wall paintings can do the trick.
I believe it's the name and the depiction of Hizbullah as "uncontrolled Shiite Fundamentalist" that is scaring people off.. It is the "Iranian" and "Damascene" connections that trigger alarms.
But at the end of the day, the difference between Hizbullah and the Palestinian Fidayyin of the 1970 is - Hizbullah is Lebanese this time, and Syria is dying to sign a peace accord with Israel and to kiss the steps of the USA White House. Syria might dump Iran, and sell Hizbullah out faster than you say NO Really?? All in exchange for Lebanon.

Hizbullah beware! Judas the Damascene will sell you out for the Gold Laying Hen, Lebanon, and the Iranians will sell-out Syria and Hizbullah for a handful of Plutonium - courtesy of the US. I cannot trust anyone anymore having seen what politics can be like.

All Lebanese have the right and the duty to defend their country. The argument should be: We too have the right to defend our country and uphold its people's honor and freedom. Move a little to the side Hizbullah, and give us too some space. Hizbullah - for your sake and ours - rebrand into Hizbu-Lubnan!

In conclusion, and again, I cannot believe I am saying this, Hizbullah has to be protected and expanded into a national non-sectarian movement. Lebanon including Hizbullah, knowingly or unknowingly, has the same enemy: Israel, and the same suitors: Syria &Iran, and the same by-standers: US, UK, Germany.

And everyone will get some form of answer:

Not in your dreams Israel!

Syria? No thank You! Damascus under Baath is a bit too dry for our liking. So is Tehran.

USA (Bush, Rice), UK (Blair), Germany (Merkel): It will be a long time before we can forgive your failing to stop the bloodshed. What a Shame! What a shame!