Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Give it your best Shot... Halutz!

Israel should try harder to destroy more. The Wimps!! Considering that we are under attack, and under siege, everything in Beirut is available and plenty thank God - except severe shortage of Fuel. The problem is to get aide through - inside town and outside town - to almost 1 million displaced people.

One might ask, what's the use of piling food/medicine/fuel in storage if they don't get to those who need them? Having failed to stop the resistance forces, the IDF (Indiscriminet Destructive Force) of Israel has destroyed 150 bridges that connect cities, and their warplanes attack everything that moves, including Ambulances. With nothing left to destroy, now they are trying to level the mountains with their fury.. they have gone mad .. There are the sort of people who would run after a mosquito with an F-16.. the poor poor poor little minds.

Poor Poor Poor little jealous minds!

One thing there is no shortage of is High spirits, we know it won't be easy, the war mongers have managed to throw 700,000 people into public schools and the rest into friends homes or even driving them out of the country, they are still working to destroy Lebanese houses and livelihoods, but they have not destroyed Lebanese spirit. Hell, they've not even scratched the surface!

I have never seen so much unity in Lebanon as I've seen in this war.. Unbelievable.. People are actually SMILING at each other at supermarkets and on intersections, and opening their houses for complete strangers. Another thing Israeli generals succeeded in was to make Israel as an enemy for every single Lebanese. Some had illusions that Peace can prevail, but Israel just proved to every single Lebanese, and to 200 million Arabs that Israelis are not after self defense, otherwise how do you justify targeting Farmers two hundred kilometers NORTH of the border. Do they think Lebanon is North Korea? Do they think that if Hezbollah (HA) has weapons of 200km range, they would shoot them from the El Qaa Village when they're capable of shooting RIGHT under the noses of the IDF at the border line and right under the nose of the IDF warplanes

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