Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A Coffee in Beirut!

Over my friend's Ahmad blog http://colddesert.blogspot.com/ , I wrote a comment, afterwhich an Israeli blogger invited himself for a coffee in Beirut. But of course, he had to be aggressive at first without dropping the victim act for one second. This was my response:

Let's not flaunt strenght at each other, we were trying to have a civilized discussion. Being stronger doesn't mean you're right. Better still let's agree, we're are Right, you are Strong [see my posting below]. Or the other way around, shall we sit and talk this through or should we proceed with killing each other? Or shall we wait till you march on to Beirut and then rockets start falling from across the Dead Sea &Aqaba & Golan from discedents and guerilla fighters who might "just" slip the attention of their governments?

If HA singlehandedly - with Syrian and Iranian support as you claim - put 2 million Israelis in bomb shelters, HA, add to it the new HA of Syria &Jordan &Egypt ...oops, forgot Gaza, sorry.. (you and I know that all the people on those fronts are just Hizbollahs-to-be if this war doesn't stop now). Katiousha anyone?

Or maybe a nuclear bomb from Iran with Pistachio flavour and Khomeini picture painted on the barrel might do the trick? Do keep in mind that Iran lost millions of its people in the Iran-Iraq war. Numbers do not matter for the Ayatollahs - not Iranian, not Israeli, and certainly not Arab numbers. They have already booked their people and ours a place in heaven. Did you make any plans for the afterlife in case of a nuclear warfare? Hurry up, the place is filling up fast.

Bottom line, Iranians can claim they are stronger and more cruel, do you want them to drop their Nuclear Arsenal on you - for God's sake? Perhaps an itsy bitsy drop of your own poison? Come ON!! Put an end to Maddness NOW before it gets out of hand! If the Iranians aim right, we'll fry from the Radiation for ages. If they aim wrong, they'll just shoot another one at you!!

As an Arab, anyobody is welcome into my home as a guest to have coffee or tea or fresh squeezed lemonade, as a guest. Leave your machine guns outside and F-16 grounded, and come to Beirut as friends - you will note that while you stroll around the down town of the city, that the Jewish neighbourhood - NOT Ghetto - neighbourhood in the middle of Solidere - is still there, and that the 20,000 Lebanese jews who chose to move abroad in 1977 because of the war are still Lebanese citizens and welcome back to their homeland and town anytime, and they are welcome to help rebuild the country that was destroyed by Mad Generals. Can you say the same about the Palestinians who were driven out - even out of courtesy?!

Come as enemies, and the cycle of violence will not cease, and coffee or tea in Beirut you won't have - nor will you have it in Tel Aviv, Ashdod, Haifa, Yafa, or anywhere outside a bomb shelter because them rockets will be falling like rain from all sides next time...

The sky will be filled with war planes and deadly rockets instead of kites and birds.

That's one nightmare, and there's a rosy dream. Wake up and smell the coffee!!


  1. I love that response of yours! If he won't get the point from that - he won't get it at all! Question remains if his superiority-thinking he was already brought up with allows that ... it does require for him to make a quantum-leap over his own shadow. If he will be capable of - GREAT, if not, well, "business as usual" will be the consequence.
    The nightmare is all to looming ... but the dream does not heed to be a dream - it can be reality!
    Oooops - I forgot - no, it can't! You know why? Because for Israel Libanon is an enemy-state and it's citizens are not allowed to get there ... so - I am afraid you can forget the coffe. On the other hand - never say never ...

  2. Lebanese Coffee Maker10:01 pm, August 09, 2006

    Never say never, but it depends if it will be coffee with POISON, or Poison free.. -:))

  3. Iran are surrounded now. US and allied military are to the North in Uzbekistan and other such states, to the East in Afghanistan and Pakistan, to the South on the Persian Gulf and Gulf states such as Saudi Arabia and to the West in Iraq.

    They have been told to suspend their uranium enrichment, their response so far has been to say no. On August 22nd they make their formal response.

    Syria are funding Sunni Ba'athist insurgents in Iraq, Iran are funding Sh'ia insurgents in Iraq. Both gang up to fund Hezbollah to atack Israel.

    The EU were working to bring Lebanon in the European Economic Area before this started. With Turkey due to come in to the EU Lebanon can follow, this almost guarantees peace.

    Russia and China on the other hand just continue to supply weapons to Iran and the rest of the region. all out war in the middle east suits russia fine, they export oil and gas.