Wednesday, August 16, 2006

We are all Hizbullah* (*Limited Offer,**terms & Conditions apply)

A disclaimer: I never liked Hizbullah for my own reasons (I'm being polite). I don't like Syria (for the same reasons), and I could think less of the US and UK policy that let people die while their politicians were vacationing, or working for a "lasting ceasefire," yeah sure!
My general disregard and contempt to the regional and international powers - I hope - is a good excuse to give one of them -Hizbullah (HA) -some credit - for one time and one time only. Those who know me will assume that I have certainly lost my mind.

I don't like HA having weapons either, but someone else across the border will not disarm (hint.. Israel), and someone else across the border will not let the Lebanese army build its Armour. Lebanon cannot financially afford the burden of getting ultra-modern defensive technology to shoot down their F-16 next time Israeli warplanes come to destroy our bridges and to curb their tanks the next time they tarnish our national soil or brutally attack our civilians.

So much talk on Television. Of course, the politicians have to talk, or else they will be driven out of their jobs - While at it, if there is one person I hate (yes.. more than Nasser Kandil), he would be called Wiaam Wahab. Someone do something quick before I get hold of him??

Back to the main issue. My suggestion: the Lebanese Army and HA work together to join forces to build a defensive technology to protect Lebanon.

Few Lebanese, if any have doubts that Israel is an enemy, and few if any have doubts that it's only a matter of time till IDF fighter jets invade our skies and demean our national sovereignty. The answer? The Carrot and Stick policy: Lebanon signs treaties, in turn, Lebanon can and should be able to answer back if they ever come knocking our doors again. A Neutral Lebanon with a Deterrent force. Lebanon should never again be the only battleground in the Middle East to fight Israel, neither should the country turn itself into a lame sitting duck either. Neutrality is a great option, but we have a snake for a neighbor. We'll go neutral, Can we trust Israel? Can the UN control Israel? Say yes only if you believe it. Hizbullah fighters - Lebanon's men - withstood fire for a whole month on the battlefield against the fiercest and most brutal armed force in the world. To them, I bow my head - they defended my country, their country, our country. Now, I ask their leaders to please listen to reason.

I should add out of courtesy that the Syrians are a threat only if you fear breaking into hysterical laughter or bursting your gall bladder (fa2-3et mrarti) once you hear their president attempt to talk like a real man. They can have ours in replacement. Otherwise, they can keep trying to medel in our own business and ignore theirs until the time comes when they realize how mistaken and distracted they have been. They have to answer to their people first.

That being said, we have to distinguish between the ability to trigger a war, and defensive capabilities. Hizbullah has NO business waging wars. Lebanon has NO interest in declaring a war. On the other hand, every Lebanese, man or woman, have a duty to defend against possible, if not an imminent aggression in the future. It does not make sense to disarm when our enemy is at high alert, or to disarm when Olmert vows in the Knesset to continue the fight.

Lebanon should build a voluntary and controlled "civil-resistance" body that splits efforts between Hospitals, Civil Defense, Media, social work, etc. as well as for border confrontation. This civil-resistance is also a safety valve in case of natural disasters - an earthquake - God Forbid, or an unnatural disaster, such as Israel . We have to be ready.

My proposal is not to diminish Hizbullah, but rather to expand it into Hizbu-Lubnan. One, you have to find Hizbullah first. Second, are the Lebanese willing to fight internally when there is a better road to follow? Perhaps a civil para-military group under the training and control of the Lebanese government and Lebanese Army. To that, a less religious and dogmatic rhetoric, and less wall paintings can do the trick.
I believe it's the name and the depiction of Hizbullah as "uncontrolled Shiite Fundamentalist" that is scaring people off.. It is the "Iranian" and "Damascene" connections that trigger alarms.
But at the end of the day, the difference between Hizbullah and the Palestinian Fidayyin of the 1970 is - Hizbullah is Lebanese this time, and Syria is dying to sign a peace accord with Israel and to kiss the steps of the USA White House. Syria might dump Iran, and sell Hizbullah out faster than you say NO Really?? All in exchange for Lebanon.

Hizbullah beware! Judas the Damascene will sell you out for the Gold Laying Hen, Lebanon, and the Iranians will sell-out Syria and Hizbullah for a handful of Plutonium - courtesy of the US. I cannot trust anyone anymore having seen what politics can be like.

All Lebanese have the right and the duty to defend their country. The argument should be: We too have the right to defend our country and uphold its people's honor and freedom. Move a little to the side Hizbullah, and give us too some space. Hizbullah - for your sake and ours - rebrand into Hizbu-Lubnan!

In conclusion, and again, I cannot believe I am saying this, Hizbullah has to be protected and expanded into a national non-sectarian movement. Lebanon including Hizbullah, knowingly or unknowingly, has the same enemy: Israel, and the same suitors: Syria &Iran, and the same by-standers: US, UK, Germany.

And everyone will get some form of answer:

Not in your dreams Israel!

Syria? No thank You! Damascus under Baath is a bit too dry for our liking. So is Tehran.

USA (Bush, Rice), UK (Blair), Germany (Merkel): It will be a long time before we can forgive your failing to stop the bloodshed. What a Shame! What a shame!


  1. Fadi,
    Do you really want ALL of Lebanon to be responsible next time HA does something stupid when ordered by Iran?
    Israel will then be free to attack many more targets and Lebanon will have no excuses.

  2. No please read carefully what I said, I said HA should not have the right to wage war, but just in case Israel uses lame excuses (what if??) we should be ready to defend our country.

    Otherwise, this is an appeal for a strong peace, not a humiliating or demeaning one.

  3. u know i kinda agree with fadi
    hezboallah should mingle in the lebanese army and what HA got belongs to the goverment and no worries about HA doing something stupid coz this time it will be under control of the elected lebanese goverment not taking instructions 4rom irAn or syria but 4rom the lebs
    u see im egyptain i wasn't a fan of HA not till this war then i realized that it's not wise to be neighbours with isreal and at the same time devoid of any efFective tools of reistance, HA really stood up 4 lebnon and we should acknowldge that even if we don't agree with it's entire agenda, but at the same time i wouldn't like a party at the borders of egypt with isreal taking decisions apart 4rom the rest of the country and publicly saying that they have loyalty and serve agenda to countries other than their own(even if they do fight 4 just causes)isreal is an opportunistic and sly enemy with all the peace treaties in the world u cud never trust it
    they dsetroyed a whole country in a month just coz some one pissed them off
    so getting rid of resistance is not wise but u just have to make sure that u have control over it and that it serve the same agenda as your own country

  4. Were you not following the news before the war Fadi?

    Hezbollah was offered many varied combinations of legitimacy including being a wing of the Lebanese army and they refused.

    Don't you see? Hezbollah cannot let its arms be under the control of the Lebanese government. Those arms answer to other masters, and that is their raison d'etre.

  5. I don't get it..
    What got in to you??
    All you care about is how to fight Israel, and how to defend yourself against Israel. You probably forgot that for the past 6 years, both Lebanon and Israel citizens lived quitely and peacefuly.
    And then something else came, neither Israel, nor Lebanon.
    Let's assume that the Israelis are the devils, now what on earth makes you think they'll just go on to war (and against Lebanon of all countries..) one day. Israel's Prime Minister probably knew that his citizens will get killed, and soldiers, and the economy will be hurt and so on.. Why would he do such a thing?
    Israel's reaction was exaggerated because, even with the best jets and missiles and god-knows-what, you can't kill all those people that activates their rocket launchers and then run and hides. So the next best thing to do(while still trying the first), is try to make Labanon goverment and people realize, that those HA aren't helping them (Which knowing whom does Nassralah works for, isn't that tough). And now it seems the messege still hasn't been understood.. He'll get us to another round, for the sake of killing and destroying and hating. The best of Iran's legacy. And you'll be there to support all this, because god-knows-how you got convinced that it's your war too.. That's sad

  6. Seems like you admire HA for how it stands up to IL, and for this you want to keep this oranization. Having a strong force controlled by the democratic Lebanese government is a great idea, call it whatever you like. Let this force protect lebanon against Israel, Syria, Iran, US - whoever. I'v got a great name for this force - A Lebanese Army. Lebanon can start by taking over the weapons in HA possesion. Other arab contries have strong militaries and have not been fighting Israel for over 30 years, this trick might actually work.

  7. Lebanon paid a heavy price for Hizbullah's stupidity. As long as you're willing to support those who start unjust wars and those who commit evil, you will be expected to continue paying a heavy price.

    Lay down your hatred and learn to live in peace with those whose tanks were not rolling toward you when Hizbullah attacked without provocation before you join Hizbullah in launching another unjust war.

    Hizbullah are the dogs who serve foreign masters in Lebanon. They are the liars who line your streets and welcome you back to the homes whose destruction they caused.

    If you don't learn from this lesson, will you survive the next one?

    You speak of defending Lebanon against Israel, but right now Lebanon's worst enemy stands inside Lebanon and all but governs Lebanon. You need to find the strength and courage to free yourselves from the foreign occupiers from Iran and Syria.

  8. I see HZA has changed views of the intlligent men too. Yes a country can defend itself and should. I think you forgot to mention the part where HZA kidnapped and killed Israelis before HZA was smacked. HZA was counting on the old rules, where the world will handcuff the Israelis after HZA provoked them. The rules of the game have changed. I hope that Lebanon will be allowed to make its own choices and join the rest of the civilized world. We are sick and tired of the same old conflict that never seems to get resolved because no ARab is willing to take the lead.

  9. Dear Commentators:
    1- I was discussing a defensive plan using what we have at hand. Mainly, it was for discussion by the Lebanese, but Israelis are welcome to pitch in with words, not bombs, or name calling. This is a warning. Discussion can "heat up," but no insults or profanities are accepted. Those will be removed immediately.

    2- anoynymous: I agree that the Lebanese army should take control and be able to defend, but you obviously didn't read well the blog. Please explain to me if Israel was so adamant on having the Lebanese Army, why the lebanese army barracks were raided from south to North of Lebanon, knowing that the Lebanese Army is almost unarmed and was not supposed to be involved in the fighting. Let's not burry our heads in sand and believe the contrary: we're wounded, we're not blind. To respond to "e", Lebanon was held responsible for HA the last time, let's clear that out first before there's a next time!

    3- Oren: saddness is a feeling you get when you see Lebanon destroyed, and anger is what you feel when someone denies that feeling and preeches Chastity while committing fornication. I think I made my view of HA clear, perhaps if bombs did not shatter the bridges and kill my people, I would have thought differently. Beating people into changing conviction never works. God knows how I can convince you of that!

    4- Michel Martinez: Obviously you did not read my blog well regarding Syria and Iran, or that you didn't understand.

    Another thing, no Lebanese -even if Satan himself was Lebanese - gets called a DOG on this blog. DO YOU READ ME SOUND AND CLEAR? I'm not sure of your nationality or religion etc.., but if you want to get into name calling, you won't get it on this blog , and that is not for lack of responses. All your other views are welcome for discussion.

    5- Sylvia: fortunately or unfortunately, it is Israel that has changed views of the whole Lebanese population, intelligent or not, politicized or not, etc.. Thanks to IDF intelligence (or lack of it), Israel unanimously viewed as the ultimate enemy of All Arabs, of All Muslims not only in Lebanon, but around the world. All you have to do is tune in into the many Radio or TV stations that used to be - to use words moderately, NOT against Israel: Now, presentators, commentators,and phone calls always refer to Israel and "the Israeli enemy" or the "Israeli monster enemy". That is not a joke, i'm serious. I do not deny for a second that I have always considered Israel enemy, but I am pragmatic enough to deal with the devil if that can do me good. I am anti-Iranian, and pro-western. Now, I'm not really sure! Apply that to the layman and get a very horrid picture indeed! Perhaps a good beating or a bomb will help me out of my original convictions completely!

    Israel first has to correct its mistakes. How? it's not my business. Its about time Israeli politicians and IDF cavemen (sorry, they deserve that) realize that bloodshed creates an opposite effect no matter what the justification. Israel's biggest mistake (figure that.. among all the other mistakes) was that it wasted any chance of peace for at least a 50 years to come. It just created new enemies, and gave the old enemies a fresh start. Israel proved that HA has a point. The Lebanese did not get bombed by HA, they got shot by Israel. That is a fact! In cold logic: I saw a dead man, I saw the knife, I saw IDF stab. That is murder to me. You can call HA whatever you want, but WHO PULLED THE TRIGGER AND SHOT THE DEAD CIVILIANS ON THE LEBANESE SIDE? -Israel, not HA. Collateral damage? Nah,, that doesn't work either.

    But.. but.. Butting doesn't work. Israel's ferocious response - not only failed to eliminate HA, it attacked civilians and civilian infrastructre. It strengthened HA, it shifted Public opinion in SUPPORT of HA. Who's responsible now? - Israel.

    Who should try to fix it without aggravating the situation? -Israel.

    Who will mess up again? -Israel.

    Who now considers this an insult and cause for revenge? Lebanon. [Al qaeda attached themselves to the war now, Israel has got HA and Osama to its north, do you find it funny??]

    Who has the rockets on the border? HA. [Osama has other plans I guess, he will kill all the Lebanese "Shiite infidels" before he tries to kill Israelis, do you find this funny?]

    Draw a line between the points, and you won't get a pretty picture.

    I'm not going to undertake the counseling role to Israel, but I think it's not a bad thought to hold liable - Olmert, Peretz, Perez, and my favourite, HALUTZ and send them to trial. A new Israeli government can then admit responsibility of the previous government of committing mistakes and war crimes, apologizes, and proposes compensation as a good will gensture provided that peace dialogue starts. How about that? You can either frame 5 war criminals, or frome Lebanon and Israel in decades of war and unrest. If you really want to weaken HA, prove HA wrong: can you do that?

  10. listen,
    it ain't easy for both sides. i'm really trying to understand the reason for taking hizbollah's side after all the damage he cause to the lebanoniaan people. believe me- israel want to have peace with lebanon, just like the peace we have with egypt. i don't know where did you get the idea saying israel won't let the lebanonian army to arm itself. today egypt and turkey, both musleam countries, are buying military equipment from us. i know the damage from the last war is enormous, but the easiest thing to do is to blame israel for that. i gurantee israel would have never start a war with lebanon who is trying to rebuilt itself without syria, unless it had a good reason. such as going into our land and take 2 soldiers. yes, it's sad. for us too. but i think you should try to find the real guilty for this wasted war and not to throw it all on israel.

  11. fadi, i'm writing from calif, usa. what is the opinion of the lebanese regarding the reason for this war? here in the states commentary linking hiz'b to terrorist actions if america attacked iran started appearing about 3 months ago. this commentary spoke of hiz'b as a huge and powerful force that could launch attacks against u.s. interests overseas and even in the states itself.

    two months later here is israel at war with hiz'b and lebanon.

    what do lebanese feel is the reason for this?

    thanks, dave

  12. Hi Anonymous from California,

    The Lebanese have two explanations, and I'm relaying the message:

    1- They believe it's a US-Iran war on our turf. Iran/HA, US/Israel. Syria is just the backstage. It escalated only after the Iran Nuclear fiasco. The US refused to stop the war before "results" surface. Iran had nothing to lose. We're not fools, we know that.

    2- They all are confirming that it's Israeli pure hatred and intolerance to have Lebanon as a neighbour. How else they explain atrocities that has no strategic or political implication or explanation.

    Now, the Lebanese, aware of Answer 1, but also very convinced of answer 2, back HA, or at least, are so insecure that they know someone has to defend the country. In teh absence of Alternatives, HA is the only choice.

  13. Fadi said...
    Hi Anonymous from California,

    The Lebanese have two explanations, and I'm relaying the message:

    1- They believe it's a US-Iran war on our turf. Iran/HA, US/Israel. Syria is just the backstage. It escalated only after the Iran Nuclear fiasco. The US refused to stop the war before "results" surface. Iran had nothing to lose. We're not fools, we know that.

    2- They all are confirming that it's Israeli pure hatred and intolerance to have Lebanon as a neighbour. How else they explain atrocities that has no strategic or political implication or explanation.


    I would comment on the second point. There is no particular hatred towards Lebanon in Israel. In fact Lebanon is the only country in the ME that israelis consider as being similar to Israel in the sense of having modern western like culture. The israeli usually pitty the lebanese for having their country hijacked by Iran/Syria using Hezbollah and its shiite support base in the South.

    When it comes to what you call atrocities and which basicly were no atrocities but deliberate targeting of infrastructure with the outmost effort to minimize civilian casualties, the thing is that Olmert did nt want to fight this war. So the idea was that the lebanese government would do for Israel its job of neutralizing Hezbollah. The logic is so simple actually that i am surprised that the lebanese find it so puzzling.

    I remember a year ago a minister in the lebanese government responding to the israeli demand of removing hezbollah from the border and replacing it with the lebanese army. We are not in the business of providing security to Israel , he said.

    So the message of Olmert was proceding on the similar lines - If thats the case , we are not in the business of providing security to the lebanese infrastructure and we have no commitment to the well being of the lebanese economy.

  14. Hi Nobody,
    I fully disagree with what you wrote.

    You asked me how the Lebanese feel, and I relayed the picture. Whether Israel "meant"it to be different is irrelevant. It's not easy to change convictions and grass root sentiments.

    What I see missing is this: None of the commentators defending Israel calls for respect of Human Rights. Even WAR has its ethical code. I am only receiving justifications for killing of civilians. Excuse me if I find that unjustifiable, and unacceptable, and intolerable no matter who gets killed.

    All the PMs, Foreign Affairs Ministers, politicians, and the Armies of the world can go to Hell for all I care. I care about Human Life.

    This is getting too defensive and explanatory. Let me ask one by one questions:

    Is Human Life on the Lebanese side not worth protecting?

    Do you justify attacks on civilians?

    Do you believe that violence only brings back violence?

    If the answers on the above are YES, then we can initiate a discussion.

    All parties are guilty, I agree. Each should stand individual trial and pay for its mistakes. I simply refuse comparative justice, or worse, comparative Evil, or worse than worse, second hand comparative Evil.

    If you justify Evil, you can Justify the holocaust at one point in time. Hitler had his logical justification, and he had a list of accusations.How about that?

    Can you see the connection? Evil has no justification. Accusing others of pure evil and wearing a gown of innocense or purity is dispicable.

    Otherwise, we're talking completely different logics here.

  15. First of all i did nt ask you about how the lebanese think. You confuse me with somebody else. Anyway i am reading enough lebanese blogs to get the idea of the opinions most common among the lebanese.

    My post was about the israeli thing, what the israelis think and why olmert did what it did. I was nt teaching anybody ethics and i dont consider myself to be a moral authority for anybody. I was simply relating to your talking about israeli hatred and intolerance as a prime motive for this war. Which is ,excuse me , a total nonsense. Is it very ethical to deliberately demonize other people ??

    The questions you ask and evil and innocence stuff are simply irrelevant. In fact its a sheer hipocrosy. I can imagine pretty well what the shiites in the South think. Its enough to see some clips or photogallery from the south where every second house is decorated with posters of martyrs and khomeini to get the idea what kind of society Hezbollah is cultivating there.

    I did nt accuse anybody of evil. And was nt talking about my holocaust traumas. If u want , explain me how Israel should have dealt with this situation. In practical terms. Not in some moral declarations void of essence. I know how the street of my city looks after its bombed by two kamikadzes from both sides. I know what is to visit friends in hospitals. Dont worry about this. Talk to me practically . Then i will understand

  16. Practically means - lets start once again. Hezbollah starts shelling towns around the north . Civilians are wounded. Using the chaos they created , they cross the border kill 3 soldiers, kidnap two.

    The Lebanese government says we did nt know and dont want to know. Your problem. Go sort it out with Hezbollah.

    Now what is the smartest way for Israel to respond? Your plan for olmert..

    Take into account that we know how deeply they are involved with hamas and islamic jihad in the west bank and gaza. That they send them weapons , money and they support suicide attacks on our civilians.

  17. fadi,

    thanks for answering my question

    dave from calif.

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