Monday, March 19, 2007

Running out of Passwords...

For as long as I could remember over the last decade, my pet's name, Fluffy, was my favorite password, and pastime. There is a strange ambiance pets create in our lives, whether a cat, a dog, a parrot, a hamster, or even a turtle.

Fluffy, a Chinchilla Persian white feline – with charms and manners that get the better of anybody - has been central in my family's life for the last 11 years. She passed away Friday, age 11.

It is surprising that with all the death and pain around us, one is able to shed so many tears over an animal. One cannot control his emotions though. Sadness and Happiness are not mutually exclusive.

For such a long time, our life at home revolved around Fluffy: From very early morning wake up visits to morning grooming sessions. Fluffy determined our family vacations and our travel schedules – we could not all travel together, there had always to be a cat-sitter. Fluffy had to be kept out of my suitcase every time I pack, and her long white hair was a long time trademark on my dark suits and corduroy pants.

Fluffy were the first thing that greets me when I returned home, and the last thing that chased me out of it. Fluffy was my laptop arm-rest, my wake up alarm, my hot water bottle, and my reading companion.

Most of all, Fluffy was the password I used as part of my password combinations.. I spent last weekend changing those – just to avoid the sinking heart feeling when I type in my password on my computer or phone every morning.

A friend of mine who lost his cat "Lenin" last year wrote: Shakespeare compared life to a stage on which every person acts his part effectively and then leaves. I know that cats are one of the best stage actors, because they profoundly affect your life in all aspects… Sleep well buddy for she watches you back stage.

Fluffy, lovingly called "Beeti" - now rests in peace at a beautiful spot under an old tree near a water spring. Having lived for 11 years, but kept the manners of a queen and the character of a kitten, she's not an easy thing to forget.

If cats go to heaven, Fluffy would already be as I shall always remember her, sitting in the cool shade of the large Jasmine tree like the one in our garden in regal poise.


  1. Emotions and affections are not only for the realm of humans. Pets have always been an intregal part of my life, and with each passing, there is a unique saddness.

  2. My belated condolences. Your "hot water bottle" was particularly poignant. (Sorry about the alliteration, no other words would come.) I hope your tree is close by as I find it comforting to "visit" our cat buried out front under a huge cedar. (Mason 1985 - 2003)

  3. Dear All,
    Thank you for your kind words. It's been almost a month now, and I still await fluffy to run towards the door every time I get out to the Garden,, I miss it... this time of the year, she would "park" in the Garden all day, under the jasmine tree, and only return to sleep indoors after sunset. Adjustment is a hard thing to do..