Friday, September 01, 2006

Google &Halutz:Say Meow!

I got back from a 10 day business trip today, to find that two lovely kittens that were born to my cat Fluffy during the Israeli aggression (August 5) have grown, and are displaying adorable "Kitten" features!

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to Google, named after my favourite search engine, and Halutz , the white kitten, after the late IDF Bigfoot. The white hair feature between both animals struck me as quite remarkable. We will always have a Halutz as part of our memories here in Lebanon... When the war monger becomes part of our past, I will always remember that the animal version of the name is nicer, cuter, and definitely far more intelligent.


  1. Hey Fadi!! first congratulations for your new cats, i think Halutz is a great name for an animal, but don't you think that this name is reducing the value of your cat? lol Halutz would suit more a mouse or even a cockroach.. hihihihi

    Super Kikz

  2. So so cute!

    I'm sure 'Halutz' would feel happier if you named it 'Yahoo' or 'AskJeeves':)

  3. poor kitty, shouldn't name her that! she deserves a name that you like. they're adorable!

  4. Nothing like kittens to come home to!

    Shoo hilweeeen

  5. Hello, Fadi and thanks for visiting my blog! I responded to you in the comments section.

  6. Very cute... I want to take some photos of them myself. :)