Wednesday, September 06, 2006

God Telecom

Lately, perhaps with the outbreak of the telecommunication spree, it seems that God has been talking to every moron around this world. He talks to George Bush, to Ahmadi Najjad, might have chatted with Olmert and Halutz about attacking Khizbullah, and has an open line with Bin Ladin and his likes.

Apparently, God is also choosing opposing people as the chosen ones. There is no descending order, only a vague description, and the position seems so widely proclaimed that it's getting crowded at the gates of heaven.

God is also favouring dropping depleted uranium on civilian's homes in his name, chopping off heads in his name, and blowing off trains, buses and Iraqi markets, for his name. God says invade countries, God say hit bridges, and God guides peoples out of concentration camps along the plains of Europe, only to instruct them to build brand new concentration camps against other people. God wills it.

God is not listening to the hungry, to the desperate, to the displaced, to the thirsty, to the suffering, to those under fire, to those under water. God is not listening, for we have used his name in vain so often, we have disgraced the name, we have shamed the appeal that perhaps our prayers and appeals mix with war cries, blood spills, revenge calls, and bombs sounding around this mad God crazed world. Perhaps God has given up on us? Perhaps the lines are busy, for morons have taken care over all the lines of communication. He abandoned us!

I am furious. This afternoon, I read an article on a certain blog why "God selected Jews," and returned home to hear Najjad proclaim that Bush cannot stand against God's will, and for the Crawford-God Spoke to Me- Texan cowboy who lives at LUNA VISTA, this must come as a surprise, Tex-Boy is almost certain he is fulfilling God's message. Other chosen ones want to build the temple because unless the temple is built in Jerusalem, Christ will not reappear. Now I really need to know if Christ cares to appear to save those who built a God's temple from Bones and Skulls. I would like to know if Jesus Christ is the saviour of those who kill in his name. I would like to know if Jesus Christ will bless those who strike their enemies twice on the cheek, pre-emptively. I would like to know if Jesus Christ would love those who see the thorn in their brothers' eyes but fail to see the Log in theirs. Likewise, I would like to know if Prophet Mohammed would care to vouch for those who spill blood of Iraqis Muslims, who attack Jordanian Hotels and Egyptian resorts, who blow up compounds in Saudi Arabia, or who drive planes into towers. Did God promise those rivers of milk and honey in return for spilling rivers of blood and tears? Did the Prophet promise Virgins for every baby that is killed?

Someone answer me before I go Mad.

Last but not least, Solomon would himself have set the temple on fire if he saw what he has started. I think that Hiram the Phoenician architect intentionally left the "hidden stone" – a stone which would make the whole temple collapse if that stone is removed. That hidden stone might not be a brick; it is perhaps called "Mercy." Good luck trying to build a Temple of God using laser guided missiles you guys!

Well, I have this to say, and I cannot be any less blunt, If God selected the "Jews" as his chosen people, or for that matter "ANY" or "MANY" other people and granted them the right to kill and destroy, then HE is WRONG, or HE is not God. If the "Unjust" God sends me to Hell for blasphemy, then a "Just" God would have sent me to Hell for NOT saying it.

For all the imbeciles around the world: Hearing voices and dreaming does not qualify as divine manifestations, especially if those dreams say Kill babies, destroy cities, build temples, pump oil, or steal land. A scientific name could be schizophrenia, a good medical advisor would prescribe Lithium or Haldol, and would highly recommend avoiding prayers for a century until full recovery is attained.

Gibran once wrote, "Have your Lebanon, and I shall have mine," and I rephrase, "Have your God, for I have mine." My God is the God my Grandma spoke of, the omnipresent, the omnipotent, and the forever kind. He is the God who has "pledged Mercy on himself." My God makes water flow from solid-rocks, brings back life to arid deserts. My God makes kites fly to bring smiles to children's faces, and takes care of baby dolphins and sea turtles in the dark dark blue ocean. My God saves the righteous from the fire, but sets desert bushes alight to guide the righteous. My God speaks to people with the word "Read, Read in God's name." My God keeps stars in place, and planets in Orbit. My God raises the dead… My God gives life. My God knows me, but I don’t know him. He sees me, but I don’t see him, He is silent, but I speak to him.

I know what my God is like, now I just have to find Him a new name.


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  2. An excellent post.

    I agree with every word of it, and ask the same question.

  3. When I read this post I had tears in my eyes it's very touching and so true and well said. Thank you for expressing exactly how I feel. I liked this sentence very much "I would like to know if Jesus Christ will bless those who strike their enemies twice on the cheek, pre-emptively." And the way u described God at the end of the post was really magnificent.

  4. Amen to every word, excellent post. Thank you!

  5. simply amazing.. suddenly i regained conscious to cry over a lost existence.. the world has gone mad!!

  6. A big bowl of red shiny apples are left out on the table. A note sitting next to them reads "Take only one, remember God is watching!" Further down the line there is a plate of fresh from the oven chocolate-chip cookies. The note (in crayon) next to them "Take all you want, God is watching the apples!"