Friday, August 18, 2006

Victims:Cats & Dogs


  1. screw the cars and dogs. feed them to the izraeli soldiers

  2. I am sure sheik "dead man walking" nastyralla will compensate the animals too. Maybe they will become suicide pets against the evil zionists.

  3. I'm not sure what to say. Are you jealous that VICTIMS are partially compensated, or that you did not receive any cash EMORY?

    As for the suggestion of Pet-Suicide bombers, I'll make sure to relay your comment to Nasrallah as soon as I get to see him. As long as you promise to tell W to sign the KYOTO treaty and to abide by the ABM treaty as well.

    How's that for a deal?

  4. That my friend is a deal!

    Although I am not sure W can actually write his name, perhaps a W scribbled and witnessed will do. Of course it can't interfere with his vacation plans, but I may be able to catch him at the Wranch.

    Please stay 100 meters away from Nasrallah ..... there is no point in your family claiming compensation. He should be returning from Damascus or Tehran as soon as the airport re-opens:)