Friday, August 18, 2006

Victims: Marine Life

Oil Spill, destroyed homes. Some heartbreaking photos on the Animal victims of war.


  1. Fadi,

    Check the aerial photo of the oil spill I posted on my blog

  2. ....and I am sure sheik "dead man walking" nastyralla will compensate the fishes in the deep blue sea also...

  3. Emory.. I fail to see the joke in the face of a disaster, or for that sense to appreciate you sense of Humor. Dead man walking did not spill the oil in the sea, YET your friends the Israeli air force, with US jets, caused the second biggest environmental disaster in the history of the Mediterranean sea. They're neither dead, and after being kicked soooo HARD on their bottoms, they're aint walking either..

    If you care to know, the IDF are the FIRST classification of NATURAL disaster with no respect to Human, animal, or marine life.

  4. Fadi,

    My comment was flippant, and perhaps insensative...but

    For the people that knowingly started the conflict, they seem unable to take responsibility for ANY of it.

    Not to worry though, they will pay for all the damage. Yep! a real swell set of guys really. A little misunderstood on the "Annihilation" and "absorbtion" of neighboring state thing .... yep a swell little "resistence" club all in all.....

    You know all this though, so your please pardon me but your enviromental claims ring a little hollow.

    PS. I am a sailor and a sailboat owner, so nothing ticks me off like pollution. SO thanks again Mr. Hezbolleh for starting the ball rolling!

  5. Hello Sailor,

    I take it you are the self proclaimed captian of the Israeli glass-boat.. so don't thow stones, and watch for the floating oil, it can catch fire you know.. an open see furnace that will grill invaders.

    You can say what you want, but you cannot change facts. What goes around, comes around - so do floating oil spills. What you do to others, falls on you.

    We're OK with that, ask the Paleolithic IDF and their supporters if they accept that wager.. or haven't they got any any balls left.. :-)

    No prob BUSHman. Keep dropping them bombs.. As long as we get to hear from you every now and then.