Sunday, August 13, 2006

Will of Life under Siege

At a time when the IDF Neandertals are still hovering with their death-birds over Sidon City, ‎and trying [and failing] to exterminate indiscriminatly all of the Lebanese civilians, I decided that's it's high time to get ‎my car washed. Of course, I ignored that Israel only yesterday destroyed the Power Station in ‎Sidon, hence no water pumps are working to provide water to the Car-Wash – until ‎I got to the Car-wash – that is. ‎

Looking at my dusty car then towards the sea in despair, I was happily amazed that Sidonians ‎decided that neither Halutz or any of the other cavemen will stop them from resuming normal ‎life, so they're back at the Sidon Public beach, only 100 meters away from the destruction site ‎of the Awali Bridges and other Petrol Stations. Not to mention the threat of Israeli frigates ‎going up and down the Lebanese coast.‎ (2nd, 5th and 8th Umbrella from the Right, and those in the water).

Better still, it seems that the Lebanese people believe that looking good even under a death ‎threat is always the priority. The Salon Chic Top for Men and the Wajih hair design for Ladies ‎are packed full with guys who want to trim their goatee, and with ladies who are determined to ‎maintain the perfect look [you can see my dusty car in the photo].‎

While two million Israelis are in bomb shelters beacuse their army's death machine is at the ‎moment hovering over besieged-Sidon and all over Lebanon preparing for another air raid, ‎the Lebanese win the war by keeping LIFE on their side, not fear, nor death. ‎

To that I say, We have won this war again. The war of Life, the war of Hope, the war of ‎Tomorrow. ‎


  1. I've never seen saida's beach so clean before, even in the good old days! :)

  2. Lol.. yes, Civil Order is another sign of struggle!