Saturday, August 19, 2006


UN: Hostage of US Policy. US Policy: Unethical, Unpardonable, Unfair Unjust.
They let the civilians die for 34 days without calling for a ceasefire.
The Lame UN, where VETO is the answer to the complaints of the small
countries, is a hostage of US policy. Where Mr. Annan dares not criticize
the US's favourite protege: Israel. A policy dripped in blood.
The inept UN, the crippled UN, the politicized UN. A secretary general
expresses concern at a war crimes, but dares not call for Justice.
Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, who's next?
Express your feelings towards the UN.


  1. "Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, who's next? "

    The Islamic Republic of Iran.

  2. Except that Iran is not small, and that war crimes will be mutual, including weapons of mass destruction.

    I don't think the US dares to touch Iran, if they do, they'll lose Israel and set the whole oil rich region into a spiral of turmoil. Do you think the US cares about Israel & the region (oil resources) that is?

  3. A rapid ceasefire would only ensure that the "Hezbollahstan" created in the south would continue like before. Whether this war has given hezbollah more support or not remains to be seen...and thus the direction that Lebanon chooses remains to be seen (with Assad or against Assad).

  4. Fadi,
    The sentiment I am picking up is that it is inevitable. People have already resigned themselves to the fact.

    1. Iran wants to develope nuclear weapons. Neither the UN, US, or the EU can EVER allow this to happen.

    2. There is a growing sense that the Iraqi insurgency is being instigated, funded, and aided by Iran.

    3. The Hezbolleh attack on Israel was orchestrated from Tehran, in order to divert attention from Iran during the G8 summit. Iranian revolutionary guards where on the ground in Lebanon.

    4. Iranians are Persians, and not Arabs. The Islamic Fundementalist regime in Tehran is undermining the governments of the Gulf States by exporting a their radical form of Islamic fundementalism.

    5. The ideologies of the West and of Iran are incompatible.

    6. Syria and Iran have already been isolated from the rest of the World. Iran is about to get hit with trade and diplomatic sanctions. These measures exacted a high toll on the Iraqi people, it will take a high toll on Iran.

    7. China who is hungry to make every Oil deal it can, has stayed clear of Iran. Further proof that the upcoming War with Iran has already been defined.

    8. Iran is much larger geograpically and has a larger population. What it doesn't have is a fresh water resource. Tehran draws its drinking water from the Caspian Sea through de-salination plants.

    9. Iran is also mountainous with most of its agriculture laying upon three major plateaus. Its road and rail systems are not numerous, and would easily be cut.

    10. The military capability of Iran will not stand against the US or the US and Nato. It life expectancy should be measured by days and not weeks. They will be able to launch missiles against Tel Aviv, some of these will be intercepted.

    The bottom line Fadi is that a war against Iran will not be a ground War. It will be an Air war taking out military, commumications, electrical, water, food, infrastructure, economic, and political targets. It will take about 24 months to reduce Iran into a North Korean type state. Do not expect a ground war to develope.

    Not my wish, not my desire, just letting you know ahead of time of things to come, and what I am picking up!

  5. Emory,
    Don't want that either. Hope you're wrong. One thing is certain, if you're right, it won't be an afternoon ride. Najad Promised his 58000 suicide bombers to blow themselves (literally) around the world.. I'm not condoning that, but I'm saying that one should not wake the beast.

    Are you willing to pay $120 per barell if war erupts, or 150$ if it continues for 2 years. The Israeli offensive on Lebanon, both countries not oil producers, affected oil prices, Imagine Iran, and the rest of the Arabian Gulf region turning into a battle zone!!

    let's be sensible.

  6. i think syria is next

    i knew ur blog from an egyptian blogger called bent mesria
    and i want to say:may god be with you,with lebanon,with hizb allah