Thursday, August 10, 2006

Light vs. Fight: Eat your Hearts Out IDF!

Today, the Israelis attacked Beirut with their American supplied Fighter Jets, to destroy a TV antenna... Or was it a wash-line confused for a rocket launcher? Does it make a difference. They haven't heard the last of us yet! [For a more vivid commentry, please refer to my previous post: Give it your best Shot, Halutz! & For avoidance of doubt, I wasn't pointing a finger of Accusation]
A few weeks ago, Israelis made a point to target the Beirut Light House, the symbol of Beirut's enlightening role in the Middle East. The poor things don't know that it is minds that create light. They are not familiar with either concept: Mind or Light.
In this, they have our sympathy..
For everything else, they have the FIST.
Believe it or not, the IDF are dreamers too. Their dreams take the shape of nightmares.
They dream of turning Lebanon into rubble, and setting Beirut ablaze. Huh! Wake up and smell the ARABIC Coffee [or the cough medicine, if you're chocking with anger].
Dream on IDF (Incredibly Dumb Fools); Every rocket you drop creates a poet, Every fire you set brings in tunes of music, and every death make the Beirutis and the Lebanese cling on to life... more.. and even more.. and more.. and more.. till you run out of Offenses.
Music we will make of you bombs,
A thousand Tomorrows we will guard for every day you kill,
Words we will write of your thrashings,
Light we will make of your fires,
And Nails for you coffins we will make of your Rockets,
Haven't you learned your lessons yet - you Blind Blood-Thirsty Bats of Darkness?
In their Beauty and Resilience, Lebanon & Beirut kill you...
We are everything you're not..
Eat your hearts out!
Yeah sure!

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