Tuesday, August 15, 2006

For No Reason, For all the Reason in the World

Today, I received an email from my friend Hasan, who is currently in Dubai. It talks about our common love - a city called Beirut. I will publish a long list, but it is smaller than the one he sent - we have our "secret" reasons to love Beirut. Beirut is a small Lebanon, and Lebanon is a small world, and the world deserves peace, but is faced with agression instead.
There was a song on Future TV about Beirut, Songs seem to come back when one's emotions are not expressive:
"all the houses of the world are pretty, but its houses are something else,
all the seas of the world are pretty, but its sea is something else.
It not big, or small, it's as big as you and me,
If you want, it's as big as the world, if you want, it's as small as a kiss on your cheek"
Now, an abridged list of why Hasan and I love Beirut!

I love Beirut because one can party till 6 in the morning and not realize that it is Wednesday morning.

I love Beirut because Beirut is live as if they are going to die tomorrow and party as if they are going to live forever.

I love Beirut because every Beiruti has a political opinion and will share it with you even if you could care less about his and you want to share yours with him.

I love Beirut for all the conspiracy theories and how people actually believe them.

I love Beirut because as soon as I arrive at one of my friends houses his mom makes me to the kitchen & becomes the spokesperson of the refrigerator.

I love Beirut because one can smell gardenia, and jasmine.

I love Beirut because strawberries taste like strawberries & fruits taste like fruits.

I love Beirut because of the traffic jams and the people you meet because of them.

I love Beirut because we can differentiate between Civilians and Militants.

I love Beirut because we feel that it is better to die standing than to live on our knees.

I love Beirut because on MEA we can clap in unison when we are about to land.

I love Beirut not because it is my city, but because it is the city of Everyone.

I love Beirut because when I explain Beirut to my friends, my friends see the passion of Beirut in my eyes.

I love Beirut for no reason. I love Beirut for all the reasons of the "world".


  1. I love Lebanon too. I live in the US and dream to visit my hometown some day but the war never stopped. Lebanese are only hurting themselves by creating a war zone and frightening visitors. I hope fighting a unwinable war with Israel is worth all the visitors, investors, opportunities Lebanon has lost in the last 30 year and counting.

  2. War will never stop. It's a spiral of violence. Unless one works on correcting all the past mistakes.

    You should ask the question to Israel, they could've kidnapped two Hizbullahs, but instead they chose the violent option.
    1- They will pay for it, internally and externally.
    2- They make it worse for themselves and others.

    I wouldn't care much about the visitors if I care more about the welfare and well being of the residents.