Friday, August 11, 2006

Appeal for Cease Fire: Stop Waging War!

Civilians have been targeted in Lebanon by the Israeli Defence Forces leaving over a ‎thousand civilian deaths, 30% of whom were children. Israeli Forces are invading ‎Lebanon at this moment, and this is complicating the political, security, and ‎humanitarian situation even further.

The Lebanese Government and Hizbullah have accepted a bi-lateral cease-fire, ‎and to dispatch the Lebanese Army to the Southern Border to take charge of the security situation, assisted by ‎the UN.‎

Nonetheless, all calls for cease fire have been rejected by Israel, and the one time 48 hour ‎‎"cessation of air strikes"‎ was violated by Israel, and civilians were targeted. ‎

Please write to the "Israeli" Officials asking for an immediate cease fire, and to put an ‎end to Human Rights Violations in Lebanon that has lead to over 1100 deaths, and to demand a withdrawl ‎of Israeli forces immediately from Lebanon. Also please demand that Israel respects ‎the Geneva Convention on the protection of Civilians, and the treatment of the Prisoners of War.

Amir Peretz ‎
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence ‎
Ministry of Defence ‎
‎37 Kaplan Street ‎
Hakirya ‎
Tel Aviv 61909 ‎
‎"Israel" ‎
Fax: +972 3 691 6940; +972 3 696 2757; +972 3 691 7915 ‎
E-mail:;; ‎

and to ‎

Chief Military Attorney ‎
Military postal code 9605 ‎

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